A 15 Year Old Boy Rapes & Murders Same-Age Girl

A kid of 15 years old boy rapes and murders a girl of the same age as payback for the beating she received at the hands of her father.

According to the police in Kalyan, Maharashtra, a guy who is 15 years old is suspected of raping and murdering a girl who is nine years old in order to get revenge on the girl’s father, with whom he had a dispute a couple of days before.

Early on Thursday morning, 15 years old boy, aged nine was discovered in the premises of a residential society in the Kalyani West neighborhood, close to the Kalyan railway station. This discovery brought the matter to the forefront of public attention. After obtaining information regarding the occurrence, a team of police officers arrived at the scene.

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The probe was initiated when the police team submitted a panchnama. After reviewing CCTV footage, the police could positively identify the youngster. Then, after interviewing several residents of the neighborhood about the boy’s location, the police took the boy into custody and brought him to the Mahatma Phule police station.

The child stated to the police that he had a heated argument with the girl’s father a couple of days ago and that he was also allegedly attacked throughout the course of the interrogation. In order to exact his vengeance for the attack, the young man kidnapped the girl, subjected her to sexual assault, and then cut her throat with a blade.

The boy was placed in a residential facility for observation after the Mahatma Phule police department opened an investigation under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act. Further inquiry is underway.

In Madhya Pradesh too..

A horrifying event that took place in the Satna area of Madhya Pradesh and was only recently brought to light is that a neighbor’s seven-year-old daughter was raped and murdered in order to get revenge on her father for having an extramarital affair with his wife. The situation became public knowledge on Monday, when the deceased corpse of the girl was discovered in the wooded area nearby. 15 years old boy

On November 17th, we made accusations of rape and murder of the girl. According to the sub-divisional police officer Ashish Jain, the girl was reported missing on November 17 and a case was opened for her alleged kidnapping by an individual who has not been identified. On the other hand, according to the findings of their investigation, Rajesh Rajak, age 31, was detained on Sunday on the basis of the call record. “Razak revealed that his wife was involved in an affair with a neighbour during their marriage. We made several unsuccessful attempts to stop her. As part of his plan to exact retribution, he kidnapped and sexually assaulted the daughter of his next-door neighbour. After that, he allegedly killed her and discarded her body in the woods, according to the police.

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