A basketball coach has been caught kissing an Ex-Secondary school student

The 67-year-old man said he didn’t kiss her twice on the lips while she was in his parked car – Singapore.

 On Tuesday (December 13), a former basketball coach at a secondary school was found guilty of violating a student’s modesty by kissing her lips in his car.

The 67-year-old man, whose name can’t be used because of gag orders that protect the victim’s identity, was found guilty of one count of using criminal force on the 21-year-old woman when he kissed her twice on the lips, knowing that it would probably make her feel uncomfortable.

On Tuesday, District Judge Melissa Tan told the court why she thought he should be found guilty.

The accused was the victim’s basketball coach in high school. At the time of the crime in 2019, the victim was in Australia to continue her education. During the semester break, she went back to Singapore.

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On February 20, 2019, both the victim and the person who was accused went to lunch with the victim’s high school basketball friends.

The victim’s phone was broken, and she and the accused talked about taking it to a shop to get it fixed.

That night, the victim sent the accused a message thanking him for meeting with the group. She said she hoped to see him again in six months or a year.

The next day, on February 21, 2019, the victim sent the suspect a message saying she would be free in the afternoon.

After 1 p.m. that day, he drove to Holland Village to pick her up in his car and take her to City Plaza, where the repair shop was.

After going to the store, the victim and the suspect went to a food court in the same building for food and drinks.

The basketball coach kissed them twice while she was in his car at City Plaza that afternoon.

He later drove the victim to a place near Plaza Singapura, where she met a friend.

She flew back to Australia the next day, but her mother called the police about a week later.

Her mother said the accused touched the victim a few times while in his car.

District Judge Melissa Tan said that the main question at the trial was whether the basketball coach kissed her twice on the lips while knowing that he probably hurt her feelings.

The defense called five witnesses, but the main one was the victim. The prosecution said the victim was a compelling witness and had no reason to lie or make up the claim.

The prosecution said that phone records and other witnesses also backed up what she said.

The defense said that the accused did not kiss the victim twice on the lips. They said that the victim’s story had a lot of internal and external contradictions.

The only witness for the defense was the person who was accused. His lawyer said the accused’s story was more detailed and consistent with the facts than the victim’s. JUDGE

Judge Tan said that she trusted the victim’s testimony. She gave her testimony in a clear, unwavering way, and when asked about inconsistencies, she answered them right away.

The judge said that her story about what happened was clear and detailed enough and that the facts about what happened between the two kisses were consistent.

“I think her proof did have a ring of truth to it,” she said. “On the other hand, I think the accused is an unreliable witness whose evidence didn’t hold up.”

Ex-Secondary school student opens secret

She said he was hard to catch. During cross-examination, for example, the accused admitted he knew the first text message the victim sent him was about fixing her phone.

But when asked if he knew about the phone because he talked to the victim on the phone, the basketball coach said he didn’t know and couldn’t remember.

When asked if he could have called her after she sent the message, he said it was unlikely because he went to bed early every night, and if he had made such a call, his wife would have been next to him.

He also said that while they were in his car, he had never asked the victim to be his goddaughter. In his own words, he didn’t have to do that.

The defense told the victim that the accused never asked her to be his goddaughter in that way, but Judge Tan said that this didn’t match up with what the accused said in his earlier statements. Social Media

In his statement, he said that while they were in his car, he had jokedly asked the victim to call him “godpa.”

When shown the statement and asked why it wasn’t the same, the man said he was kidding when he asked why it wasn’t the same. When asked if this was the same as asking the victim to be his goddaughter, he said he couldn’t remember because it had been three and a half years.

The judge said that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, so she found the person on trial guilty of the charge.

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