A man killed Aunt, chopped 10 pieces of her body and packed it in a suitcase, and thrown in the forest

Man Killed Aunt: they put 10 parts of the body in a suitcase and a bucket and dumped it in the woods.

Shraddha Walker-like murder case surfaced in Jaipur:

A case similar to the murder of Shraddha Walker in Delhi has come to light in Jaipur.

Here, a nephew killed his aunt and cut her body into 10 pieces after she died. Afterward, they put them in a suitcase and took them to the jungles on Delhi Road. You put those pieces out. The police have picked up the accused man’s nephew. Read about what’s going on.

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, a shocking murder case involving Shraddha Walker lights. In this place, a woman was killed and cut into ten pieces. Pieces of the woman’s dead body were found in the woods on Delhi Road. The last time anyone saw this woman was five days ago. The woman’s brother-in-son committed this murder. First, he hit his Tai over the head with a hammer, which killed her. Later, they used a marble cutter to cut the dead body into pieces, put them in a suitcase and a bucket, and threw them in the forest.

>> What is next, When Police Found Shraddha Walker’s Bones in Mehrauli Forest

Here, on December 11, his nephew Anuj filed a missing person report at the Vidyadhar Nagar police station. The police say that the name of the woman who was killed in such a brutal way is Saroj Sharma. She had left her home and not come back. During the time of the Corona, Anuj’s mother died. After that, Anuj used to live with and help his aunt, Saroj Sharma.

At the time of the event, Saroj and Anuj were at home.

Based on what the police found out, Saroj Sharma stopped Anuj from going to Delhi on December 9. Because of this, he was mad at her. He killed Tai Saroj Sharma with a hammer blow to the head because he was angry. When Saroj Sharma was killed, his family had already left Rajasthan. Saroj and Anuj were the only ones at home. Social Media,

CCTV cameras took pictures of people carrying the dead body.

After that, Anuj used a marble cutter to cut the dead body into many pieces so it could be hidden. Then she put it all in a red suitcase and threw it from the car into the jungle along the road to Delhi. But a CCTV camera there caught all the pictures of him carrying the briefcase. When Saroj’s family went back home after that, they made up a lie about Tai going missing. On December 11, he went to the police station himself to report that she was missing.

Blood Stains in the Kitchen to Clean Up

After that, Anuj cleaned up the blood in the kitchen one day. His sister saw him at the same time. Because of this, his family thought he was up to no good. When the police found out about this later, they turned their attention to Anuj and changed how they looked into the case. Later, when the police put all the pieces together, they caught the suspect, Anuj. But the police are looking for the whole thing.

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