A Qatari Princess Flee, The Country, Fearing The Ill-Usage – Transgender

Because they feared for their safety in Qatar because they were transgender, a Qatari princess Flee was given asylum in the United Kingdom.

Documents leaked and obtained by the Sunday Times of London show that the princess, a member of Qatar’s ruling Al Thani family, disclosed to Britain’s Home Office — the government agency responsible for immigration and security — how challenging their upbringing was. The princess is a member of the Al Thani family.

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“Even though I was born a female, I have always identified as a male. According to what the Qatari Princess Flee, “being gay in Qatar is regarded to be a crime that is punishable by law and death.” “The Sharia law in Qatar is enforced very strictly.”

Homose**ality is illegal in the Gulf state that is playing home to the World Cup right now.

The stolen documents suggest the princess ran away from her family while on vacation in London in the summer of 2015 and went into hiding with her boyfriend.

The princess included two letters in their asylum application describing how they had been “depressed ever since I can remember simply because my outside never matched my inside.” The letters told how the Qatari Princess Flee had been “depressed ever since I can remember simply because my outside never matched my inside.”

Discussions around Qatar’s anti-homose**ality legislation have dominated this year’s World Cup. AFP, courtesy of Getty Images.

In another letter, the princess described her family’s hope to escape their position as the governing family of the country.

According to what was written, “I felt as though my life had been thrown in the rubbish.” “I had no intention of following in the footsteps of the rest of my family and marrying one of my male cousins. I have a terrible feeling about what my brothers are going to let loose. We feel frightened.”

In the World Cup in 2022, Grant Wahl, an American soccer writer, passed away while covering the World Cup in Qatar. His brother believes he was murdered.

The fact that homos**ality is illegal in Qatar has been a contentious topic during this year’s World Cup. As a result, FIFA has forbidden seven European teams from wearing anti-discrimination armbands called “One Love.”

In Qatar, the penalty for homos**ality is a prison sentence of up to three years. According to a study released in October by Human Rights Watch, sometimes in which members of the Qatari security forces have arbitrarily arrested LGBT individuals and subjected them to “ill-treatment and incarceration.” Qatari Princess Flee


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