Aftab Poonawalla Applied Makeup to Shradha Walker Murder Case

Aftab Poonawala applied makeup to Shraddha Walkar’s severed head: Sources

Aftab put makeup on Shraddha Walkar’s severed head, which included the following: Sources

According to sources within the police department, Aftab Poonawalla, the man accused of murdering his live-in partner Shraddha Walker, applied cosmetics to the woman’s severed skull after being killed. The man had dismembered the woman’s body into 35 pieces and stored it in a refrigerator set aside for that purpose. In addition, he maintained the head inside the apparatus.

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Police have taken Poonawalla, who works at a call center and blogs about cuisine on Instagram, into jail. According to what he is said to have told the authorities, he used to put makeup on the severed head and communicate with it. On the other hand, the police have not issued formal statements regarding this.

They claimed that the astute Aftab Poonawalla attempted to demonstrate that he was insane by making these strange admissions. They reported that it looked like a meticulously organized technique to escape with a lighter punishment from the court than was merited.

Police officers escort the suspect and search various sections of Delhi for the missing woman’s body parts. They have been successful in recovering a dozen pieces so far. However, the murder weapon, as well as the severed head, have not been found.

According to the authorities, I also suspected the man of attempting to mislead the police.

In April, Aaftab and Walker traveled to Himachal Pradesh, where they struck up a conversation with a man who was originally from Delhi. Before moving into the home they rented in the Mehrauli city neighborhood, they first resided at his residence in Chhattarpur. On May 18, less than a week after they had moved in, Aaftab allegedly killed her while pressing that they get married.

Aaftab Poonawalla
Aaftab Poonawalla

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They fought because she was suspicious that he was having an affair with another woman.

Following the murder, Aftab Poonawalla stored the severed parts of the body in the refrigerator. It is reported that many days after the homicide, he had se*ual relations with a woman in the same apartment. The two of them initially connected through an online dating service.

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