Aliyah Kurnia, TKW from Singapore, made a video in the bathroom that quickly went viral on Twitter and TikTok.

LINK Video Aliyah Kurnia TKW Singapura Lakukan Hal Ini di Toilet Viral TikTok dan Twitter The video has gone viral and features. Aliyah Kurnia and is currently trending on social media platforms. Like Twitter and TikTok has become a great hit among users of these platforms. In addition, she is the topic of the most discussion on the social networks affiliated with TikTok.

The woman, who may or may not be an Indonesian employee, is presently the focus of attention as a video of her using the online washroom has garnered positive attention. His demeanor is that of a young artist who is just starting. However, his wide-ranging appeal is not particularly effective in this setting. A video that went viral in Indonesia that showed Aliyah Kurnia having incontinence as she was using the restroom generated a commotion on Indonesian social media. In total, it lasted for five minutes and forty-five seconds. Keep up with the most recent information by visiting our website, ViralNewsy.

LINK Video Aliyah Kurnia TKW Singapura

Aliyah Kurnia’s video, which went viral and was published on multiple other social media platforms, most notably Twitter and TikTok, has received overwhelming support from users. This clip has gone viral throughout the internet and was uploaded using TikTok, attracting the attention of many people.

It would appear that the video was uploaded to the account by its owner totally and entirely by accident. Many people are seeking videos that are now trending on the internet. On the popular media site TikTok, the topic of conversation has also centered on Aliyah’s title, which she currently holds. He is a young artist with a lot of potentials. I do not feel that this recognition deserves to be given.

Aliyah Kurnia Bio & Wiki

Following the publication of a video in which she demonstrates exceptional talents while cleaning the bathroom. The woman, who may have been from Indonesia, is presently receiving a lot of attention. The movie that was uploaded by Aliyah Kurnia and had a length of 5 minutes and 45 seconds became extremely popular. Many people on social media in Indonesia were heated up when it was playing in the restroom because they thought it was inappropriate.

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This Aliyah Kurnia video that went viral was uploaded to TikTok, which served as the medium for the upload. Many people who purchase online have had this information brought to their notice. The account’s owner posted the movie in the most haphazard and unplanned manner possible.

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