Andrei Zverkov, a basketball star, will train Native children

Andrei Zverkov is from the Far East, and basketball fans know him for his unique way of playing the football game, which lets him win by using his body and mind.

“I won the National Streetball Championship and the Super League championship by using my skills well. I also went to the William Jones Cup with the national team. Even though I had two serious knee injuries at the time and wasn’t the fastest or most athletic player on the team,” says the basketball player.

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Andrei Zverkov took what he had learned and used it to make his training program for kids and younger.

Jump and run doesn’t matter for basketball, need conscious mind only

“Anyone who is interested in this sport can become a great basketball player if they use my method,” says Andrei Zverkov.

The unique program of Andrei Zverkov is based on the European School of Basketball, which the athlete changed to fit the needs of Americans.

“Basketball was born in the United States, but Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dennis Schroder, Bogdan Bogdanovic, and Rudy Gobert all got their start in Europe and went on to have amazing careers. I tell my students that they should use their minds more than their bodies. My players don’t just split up into teams and jump around the ring. Andrei Zverkov says, “We work hard on shooting, passing, defense, and dribbling, and we pay close attention to all of these things.”

Along with spreading his unique method, Andrei Zverkov will do a few exciting things in the United States.

Andrei Zverkov says, “I want to open a basketball centre in Jersey City and host a 1X1 tournament every month so that people in New York and New Jersey can practise all the time.”

Making basketball minicamps for native children in reservations is a great way to help them.

Andrei Zverkov says: “I am a half-indigenous myself. Since I’m from Erzya, this project means a lot to me.”

The editor says: Erzya is the language of the Mordvin people. It first appeared in the first thousand years of our era. Today, only about 50,000 people are living there.

Andrei Zverkov says he got the idea for a basketball minicamp for indigenous children while at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City.

Andrei Zverkov came up with the idea of basketball minicamps so that indigenous people in the United States, especially children who live on reservations, can play sports without leaving their homes.

“Because their homes are far away and there aren’t enough coaches, indigenous children can’t learn how to play basketball well. But our camps will help solve this problem,” explains Andrei Zverkov about his unique project.

The International Fund for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of the North and Far East BATANI was already based on the ideas of Andrei Zverkov. The organization has given this well-known basketball player’s project a lot of help.

Andrei Zverkov says, “I also really want famous basketball players from indigenous people, like Kyrie Irving, to join us, because they can directly inspire kids to play basketball.”

So we wish the famous basketball player the best of luck with his excellent project and cross our fingers for his success.

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