Babita Ji looks weak in front of this Taarak Mehta actress, Who made a big deal about being pregnant before getting married.

Babita Ji looks weak in front of this Taarak Mehta actress,

Aradhana Sharma was on the most popular television show, “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.” In real life, she is known for her bo*ld style.

The actress isn’t on the show yet but stays in the news because she posts beautiful photos and videos on social media. On social media, Aradhana Sharma has a lot of fans who like what she does. Aside from this, the actress is still talked about because of what she said. Recently, Aradhana shared some hot photos of herself; again, her fans couldn’t handle it. Look at these pictures with me: Viral Newsy

Aradhana Sharma

1. Aradhana Sharma Ho*t Photos

Let us tell you that Aradhana is known not only for acting but also for her impressive dance moves. The dance reality shows Boogie Woogie was where the actress got her start in the business. After that, he was seen on the “Dance India Dance” stage.

2 .In Splitsvilla, Aradhana Sharma 12

But Aradhana Sharma became known because of the MTV show Splitsvilla 12. She took part in the show as a contestant. During this, people liked not only how he played but also how he looked. Aradhana’s bo*ld style on Splitsvilla made the news.

3. Aradhana Sharma Instagram

At the same time, her fans are drawn to her now that they can see how hot she is on social media. Aradhana does everything she can to drive her fans crazy by posting new photos of herself on Instagram, so her fans are also dying to see her.

4. Aradhana Sharma, who was pregnant before she got married

Besides all of this, we also talked about the actress because of what she said. One of his videos also went around the world a lot. In the viral video, Aradhana was seen ensuring she was pregnant before getting married. But Aradhana later said that what she said was wrong. She thought she was pregnant before she got married, but when she took a pregnancy test afterward, it was negative.

5. Aradhana Sharma Bo*ld Looks

During one of her interviews, the actress talked about breakup s* in the past. In an interview, Aradhana said she was living with a man, but their relationship couldn’t last. But before they broke up, they both agreed to have s6x after the breakup.

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Casting couch: Aradhana Sharma

Aradhana is another person who hurt the casting couch has hurt. The Taarak Mehta actress told the media that a director had once tried to touch her inappropriately in exchange for work. But later, I pushed her away and ran away from that place. “I was petrified,” the actress said.

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