Bangladesh Lover Abu Bakr Chope His Girl Friend by Shocked Shraddha Murder India

At the same time as the murder of Shraddha has shocked India, a Hindu girl in Bangladesh Abu Bakr is being butchered by her lover.

In Bangladesh, Abu Bakr came upon Kavita Rani, fell in love with her, and then proceeded to murder her and hack her into pieces. The murder of Shraddha Walker, who was killed on May 18 in Delhi by Aaftab Ameen Poonawala by choking her to death and then chopping her body into 35 pieces, has disturbing parallels to this investigation.

On November 6, Abu Bakr did not report to work as scheduled and could not be reached by phone. When Bakr’s boss at the transportation company where he worked sent someone to the leased house he lived in; the door was locked from the outside. The landlord contacted the authorities as suspicion about Abu Bakr’s disappearance increased.

After the police came and unlocked the door, they discovered the body of a lady who had been beheaded inside a box. It was determined that the victim was Kavita Rani, and she was the daughter of Kalipad Bachar. Her head was kept apart from the rest of her body and was covered in polythene. Hands were absent.

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With his cohabitant Sapna, Abu Bakr was taken into custody by the police on November 7. An officer from Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) stated that Abu Bakr and Sapna had been cohabitating in the same residence in the Gobarchaka Square neighborhood for the past four years.

Abu Bakr recently ensnared Kavita in a live trap, then brutally murdered and dismembered her after chopping her into many parts. They had just started talking to one another five days before the murder.

On November 5, while Sapna was at work, Abu Bakr invited Kavita to visit him at the leased residence he had. However, in a rage, an altercation broke out between them, and Bakr killed her by strangling her. He severed the head from the body, severed both of her hands, and threw them down a sewer after disposing of the head. Before exiting the scene, the crown was placed into a polythene bag, and the rest of the corpse was thrown into a box. The bag containing the head was then discarded.

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In addition, the RAB officer disclosed that on the same evening, Abu Bakr traveled to Dhaka with his live-in lover Sapna by navigating the Rupsa river and doing so together. But a search operation was initiated by the police when the corpse of Kavita Rani was discovered the next day inside the leased property that he had been living in.

During the evening of November 6, the police and RAB Intelligence were able to track down the whereabouts of the accused, Abu Bakr. The authorities delivered the accused person to the Sonadanga police station. After then, he and Sapna were taken into custody in the Chaurasta neighborhood that the Basan police station in the Ghazipur district supervises.

While being detained, Abu Bakr admitted his guilt for the crime. Within the Gobarchaka neighborhood of the city, the RAB discovered Kavita’s severed hands wrapped in polythene and retrieved them from a congested location.

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