A viral video on social media, bride-groom; Elderly man get married to 25-year girl

Being viral video of a bride-groom:

An old man married a 25-year-old woman. See what the bride thought about it.

Today’s social media trending video Bride-Groom: The significant age difference between the bride and groom has shocked everyone. People on social media don’t believe this can happen after seeing the video.

Bride and Groom Video: It’s wedding time in India. During this time, there are tens of thousands of weddings every day. Every day, people share a lot of wedding videos on social media. These kinds of videos get shared a lot for one reason or another. People say that people meet their partners in heaven. A video of this kind of bride and groom is going viral right now, which will also surprise you; follow viralnewsy and get more fantastic viral video daily.

An Elderly man married a 25-year-old girl.

The huge difference in age between the bride and groom has shocked everyone. In this video, it looks like the groom is older than 60. At the same time, the bride isn’t older than 25 and her reaction is fantastic for the future. In this video, you can see an older man sitting in the groom’s clothes. The bride can be seen next to him, laughing and smiling. People on social media don’t believe this can happen after seeing the video.

When I saw the video, I knew that Jaimala’s show was over. I then seen the bride and groom sitting on the stage. You can see that the bride and groom sitting nearby are more than 35 years apart in age. When people see the groom, they call him Babaji. The board of the groom is all white. When the cameraman points the camera at the bride to make the video, that’s the funniest thing you can see. see video-

If you want them, saw the video

A page on Instagram called bhutni ke memes posted this shocking video. In the video, you can see that when the bride sees the cameraman, she gets very shy. After that, she puts the cloth over her face. Most people who see the video are surprised, but some also say that the girl is poor. The old man is married because of this. But people need to find out where the video came from. The video may be a joke.

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