Bride Groom Viral Video | A Old Man Marri To 25-Year Girl, Look At The Bride’s Face

Watch the bride’s reaction in this video of the bride and groom. The groom is an older man who married a 25-year-old woman.

Bride Groom Viral Video: Everyone’s perceptions have been completely shattered as a result of the enormous age difference between the bride and groom. After the footage was made public, social media users questioned whether this was even possible.

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The Indian wedding season is underway, and this video features a bride and groom. During this time, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of couples get married every single day. Every day, it uploads a great number of films of weddings to social media. These videos are examples of those that become extremely popular online for one cause or another. There is a common belief that couples descend from heaven. I will also astonish you to learn that a video of such a bride and groom that was shot recently is currently becoming popular on the internet.

An Old man married 25-year girl!

In this video, the groom’s age appears to be greater than 60 years old. In the same vein, the bride’s age is not be over 25 years old. Everyone’s perceptions have been completely shattered due to the enormous age difference between the bride and groom. After they made the footage public, users of social media questioned whether this is even possible. This video shows an old gentleman wearing the groom’s attire. He is seated. We can see the bride giggling and smiling close to her future husband.

After watching the footage, Jaimala’s program ended. After this, the bride and groom are seen seated center stage together. It is clear to notice that there is a difference in age between the bride and groom who are seated close that is greater than 35 years. As soon as people saw the groom, they started calling him Babaji. The beard that the groom will wear is all white. The moment in the movie where the cameraman directs the camera towards the bride to record the wedding is easily the funniest part of the clip. Watch the video here:

When they saw the footage, they were taken aback.

You can observe that the bride becomes very reserved after coming into contact with the videographer in the footage. After that, she pulls the handkerchief over her face to cover it. This horrifying video was published on Social Media by a page known as bhutni ke memes. Although the vast majority of users are taken aback by the video, some viewers also speculate that the girl comes from a less fortunate background. Because of this, the elderly man has a wife. It is unknown where the video originated from. It’s possible that the video was made as a practical joke.

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