Sister Wives confirm her future partner ‘TLC,’ Christine Brown

Christine Brown, 51, will remain a regular on the TLC series Sister Wives.

The diva, who has appeared on the reality TV show since its debut, filed for divorce from spouse Kody, 53, in November 2021, leaving fans wondering if she would continue to be a cast member. The couple had been married for more than 25 years in a “spiritual marriage.” In the most recent season, season 17, Christin Brown was shown moving to Utah from Flagstaff, Arizona, where the rest of the Brown families reside. In Sistеr Wivеs, we follow the lives of Kody and Christinе and their multiple marriages to Meri, Janelle, and Robyn Brown.

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Despite widespread speculation regarding whether or not she will continue appearing on Sister Wives, Christina has assured fans she will make future appearances on the show.

The mother of six announced TikTok, giving followers a sneak peek at her new home in Utah, which is well-equipped for her professional interviews.

At the outset of the TikTok video she posted to her 627,000 followers, Christina reassures them: “This is the set in my house, and there’s no way I’m leaving Sister Wives,” she said.

Christine Brown continues, “I’m so excited, you’re going to love it,” before giving supporters a tour of her base and showing them where the producer and cameraman sit as she records her interviews.

Sister Wives,” Christin says at the video’s end.

Although the effects of the divorce have only been shown this year on Sister Wives, Christina announced on Instagram in November 2021 that she and Kody had divorced.

Upon making the announcement, Christine Brown wrote, “After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart, and I have decided to leave.”

We shall remain steadfast in each other’s lives as we work together to bring up our beautiful children and care for our wonderful family. Dear God, we pray for your mercy and grace as our family goes through this difficult time.

Christine Brown isn’t the only lady to have ended her relationship with Kody; his marriages to Janelle and Meri have also been confirmed to be over.

Janelle and Kody, who have been married for 30 years and have six children, confirmed their separation in a preview for the tell-all specials that aired at the end of the Sister Wives episode on December 11.

During the December 18 tell-all special, Meri confirmed to host Sukanya Krishnan that her long-term relationship with Kody was over and that Kody had made the decision. Meri and Kody had been living together as friends without a romantic component for several years.

Mеri continues, saying that she “definitely would” consider reconciling with Kody, with whom she shares custody of a son named Leon. Yet, she continued, “I don’t think he’s interested.

Janelle and Kody married in the spirit world in 1993, and two years later, Christine Brown joined the happy couple. Kody and Meri tied the knot for the first time in April 1990. They legally divorced in 2014 but remained “spiritually” wed until Kody remarried Robyn and legally adopted her children from a previous marriage.


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