Now reporters can’t participate in the NYE tradition. CNN bans it

One of CNN’s longtime New Year’s Eve traditions will end as 2022 approaches. The Warner Bros.-owned Discovery channel has told its on-air staff that they can’t drink when the ball drops on December 31. Chris Licht, the network’s new CEO, announced this at a town hall meeting at the network’s headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. He said drinking in front of the camera and acting crazy afterward hurt the viewers’ trust in the news company.

The change was made because CNN hosts like Don Lemon got drunk during the channel’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. Variety says this is when things get a little out of hand, especially after 12:30 am. He earned his ear pierced live on TV one year. While on a different occasion, a drunk Lemon said that he was a “grown-up man” who could “share my point of view on TV, which freaks people out, but you know what? “I don’t care if you kiss my behind. I don’t care.”

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But Don Lemon says he is always in control of himself on camera, no matter how crazy things get. In an interview in 2018, he told Variety, “The point is to enjoy yourself. What can I do that will be interesting and draw people in?” He also said that when he does belongings that seem brainsick, like acquiring a tattoo, he is self-conscious that he is producing a choice.

Even though Lemon will have to tone it down because of his actions, which have since gone viral on social media, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen don’t have to follow the same rules. CNN’s new law about drinking probably won’t affect the pair’s New Year’s Eve mainly because they can still drink behind the scenes. Last year, the hosts were an essential part of the show. Later, Lemon, Alisyn Camerota, and Dulcé Sloan took over.

A CNN spokesman also told The Los Angeles Times that Cohen would still ring in the New Year in Times Square in 2021, even though he had said mean things about Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show. At the time, some people thought Cohen had too much to drink because of his short rant. A few days later, the CNN news anchor talked about what happened and said he was sorry for criticizing the ABC show. “Ryan is a great guy, and I like him a lot. I was just drunk and foolish.”

The audience for Ryan Seacrest’s show on ABC is usually more significant than for CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage. But watching the news on holiday has become a part of it. Cooper has been doing his job longer than the ABC host and has been a regular part of the show since 2002. He also sees the role as a way to get into the spirit of the night and get over his mixed feelings about it. In 2020, the keystone told the commercial enterprise firm Variety that it is loosely too hard and demanding to go out.

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“Something about it is a little bit sad. It usually doesn’t work out well for many people, “Cooper added. But he thinks the CNN Times Square New Year’s Eve broadcast lets people party without worrying about having a bad night. “Two citizenries are standing outside in the cold and rain and observing what is going away on. There are lots of funny things that happen, and that’s it “he told the newspaper. “It’s a fun night out, which is all you can really ask for on New Year’s Eve.”

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