Do you know, Where Mock strikes on 7th January

Find out if there are any mock strikes today, January 7, 2023

Workers on the rail system are on strike, demanding higher compensation, better benefits, and safer working conditions.

In 2022, Network Rail gave RMT members a 5% wage raise; in 2023, they gave a 4% raise. As a result, the members opted to reject their gifts. It will continue indefinitely if no agreement is reached or the unions decide to end the strike.

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Since June 2022, workers have been walking off the job and stopped right before the holiday season. With the New Year comes news that the first week of January has also been affected by strikes…

On this day, January 7, are there any mock strikes planned?

  • As of today, January 7, there are, in fact, mock strikes.
  • The RMT strikes will affect the following practice operators:
  • Trains of the LNER Northern
  • Extremely Modern Southeastern West Coast Cross-Country
  • Chiltern and Greater Anglia Railways
  • Govia Thameslink
  • Stations Serving the West Midlands on the London Underground (plus London Northwestern Railway)
  • the Great Western Railway
  • The train that runs through the Apennines

You should only take a practice trip here. If necessary, give yourself plenty of extra time and check the train company’s website for service changes.

This is the last RMT walkout till January 7, 2019.

Since Tuesday, December 13, there has been a drastic reduction in service from the nation’s train companies, and the Mock strikes have persisted well through January. However, there is light at the end of the RMT’s 48-hour strike tunnel since that strike ends on January 7.

As this is being written on Monday, January 8, there have been no further deliberate practice strikes anywhere in the UK since Saturday, January 7. However, more may be planned in the future because the RMT has yet to accept an agreement for its members.

If any additional industrial action is planned, National Rail’s website will be updated; unions must give at least 14 days’ notice before a strike.

Attorneys for RMT allege they were prevented from settling

The RMT has recently stated that the federal authorities had “impeded” the union’s attempts to compromise with rail personnel.

There was talk of how “both Network Rail and the Rail Delivery Group are being actively stopped by government officials from presenting an acceptable plan on job security, remuneration, and working conditions.”

General Secretary of the RMT Mick Lynch also alleged an “unprecedented amount of ministerial involvement” has prevented rail employers from settling.

According to Sky News, in December, Rishi Sunak said that unions should again down and title off the strikes. Sunak agreed that people should be able to go on Mock strikes, but he said that this must be “balanced” with the “right of the British public.” That the recent chaos isn’t something people should have to go through.


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