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Kimmikka Users of Twitch are outraged because a broadcaster who broadcast a very NSFW live was given a one-week ban from the platform. Twitch, one of the most popular online platforms, allows users to stream their activities to Check Kimmikka’s Viral Video, the entirety of the internet, provided that they have not been kicked off the network in the past. Get more trending or viral news for following Viral Newsy.

Check Kimmikka’s Viral Video

They may be seen playing video games, viewing films on YouTube, participating in elaborate plays, or just live-blogging their everyday lives. It is a mighty service involving more than its fair share of controversial circumstances throughout the years. Kimmikka’s Viral Video, In the year 2021 alone, hot tub streaming began to become more incredible in popularity, and there was also a huge leak that disclosed the compensation that broadcasters received.

Twitch viewers have been complaining for a long time about the inconsistency of the platform’s bans, and now many well-known content providers are bringing the topic up again. After indulging in se*ual activities while streaming on Twitch, Kimmikka’s Viral Video was given a one-week suspension from the platform. The viewers may have found the streamer’s peculiar stance in relation to their workstation and the head of a guy they could see behind her to be weird. A window on the streamer’s side reflected everything, so the viewers didn’t have much room for their imaginations.

Kimmikka's Viral Video - Viral Newsy
Kimmikka’s Viral Video – Viral Newsy


After noticing this, a former streamer on Twitch named Jidion6 accused the platform of “sexism” and “favouritism,” pointing out that while he was banned permanently from the venue for carrying out a hate raid on Pokimane, another streamer who engaged in se*ual activity was only suspended for seven days.

Pokimane and Jidion6 have reconciled their differences and are now friends after the incident; nevertheless, Jidion6 is not permitted to use the site. After then, Jidion6 created a video about the issue and posted it on YouTube. He also began using the hashtag #TwitchRespond to get a response from Twitch in the form of a public remark.

As of this moment, Twitch has not yet issued a remark about the ongoing situation. Twitter users who also use Twitch are expressing their dissatisfaction with the site because of the uneven enforcement of bans. Kimmikka’s Viral Video Even though this has been an issue for some time, the recent event has provoked greater indignation than at any other time.
What are your thoughts on how Twitch bans users?

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