Everyone is Asking the World Cup Winner: “Where is Messi?”

Where is Messi?

Trip? Leaving the nation’s capital of Spain’s second-largest city in September 2000. The question has followed the 35-year-old since he flew for the first time with his dad, Jorge, and a Messi family friend. We named him after the most well-known middle name in the world today, as noted by the Spanish journalist Guillem Balague in his book.

He attended Juan Mantovani Middle School in Rosario, where “Where’s Leo?” became the only question on everyone’s lips. Or at his football team, Newell’s Old Boys. Nobody at school, on the team, in class, or with the coaches knew where he was. We saved the Messis for later. We could say the same for the second youngest child in their family.

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It’s mind-boggling to consider that a question can stick with a kid and then a man for so long. To inquire why he wasn’t being productive there. Why he, who will be remembered only as one of the best, wasn’t there to help his team win? While Messi led Argentina to victory in their 2022 World Cup opener, the crowd sang his name loudly. He made it a 2-1 game from the spot, but Argentina still fell to Saudi Arabia, the team nobody thought they’d lose to. They went unbeaten for 36 games in a row, nearly ending their 36-year wait for the World Cup. A group of Saudi spectators at the match shouted, “Where’s Messi?” The following Thursday, he brought the house down (figuratively) at the same venue. A spectacular effort from outside the area saved Argentina’s World Cup hopes. The score against Mexico was 2-0. The score against Poland was 2-0.

Louis Van Gaal also wants to ask.

Two days later, an Australian fan yelled, “Where is Messi?” from the stands. The man was in front of him, preparing for his scene. Not even 30 seconds after his last yell, Messi is again in front of him. He celebrates his goal by riding high on his team’s 16th-round lead.

In the lead-up to the semifinal, Louis Van Gaal mentioned many things, including that “when the opponent has possession, he does not take part much at the game. Therefore, that’s where we will have possibilities” with Messi. Van Gaal knew what would occur when Messi gained possession of the ball. He watched as Nahuel Molina scored the game’s first goal 35 minutes in when the Argentine number 10 cut inside and made a stab no-look pass between two legs and beyond three defenders. And then, after the goalkeeper had claimed he “can stop penalties from Messi,” Messi scored twice from the penalty spot.

Where is the Croatian defense?

In the first semifinal, the question everyone was asking was, “Where is the Croatian defense?” The World Cup solo run goal and the penalty from… well, you know who had broken it. And then Messi had the new most crucial assist of the tournament. Precisely three days following his death. Specifically, the one where he ran and outwitted the tournament’s finest center-back, who was 15 years his junior, from near the halfway line to where he gifted Alvarez a cannot miss chance inside the six-yard box. 3-0. Success again for Argentina.

Where Is Lionel Messi?
Where Is Lionel Messi?

He had finally appeared. The great game itself. At this World Cup, he is playing his last game. The final match of the World Cup. With a two-goal lead that he helped create by scoring the game’s first goal from the penalty spot and setting up the second for France via an Angel assist, he’s comfortable in the driver’s seat. The only thing between Messi and the ultimate football career-ending trophy was 11 minutes and a few more. Afterward, 97 seconds passed. In the wake of a brace from Kylian Mbappe, the defending champions were in complete control. When did Argentina disappear? It would only take one more good kick to send them home empty-handed from the World Cup final for the second time in as many years.

Where was Messi when we needed him?

He had passed up the trophy he wanted that night in the Maracana in 2014 in favor of the one he didn’t like. A blank expression mirrored their performance after they lost by a score of 1-0. He had a great chance to score, but shot wide with his left foot inside the penalty area. However, there is this video that was made later. A group of German players celebrates on the podium with the winning trophy as the captain of the losing team looks on from the sidelines. After staring for a short while, he rolls up his wristband and walks away. It was as if he were alluding to the fact that he still had unfinished business.

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When the opportunity arose in 2022 to answer the same question on the same stage, he had to return to the well. A simple first-time volley from the dead center that narrowly missed the goal. Optimal in every way. Adequate. However, a reply. As a result, the score changed to 3-2 just before the last plea. The 23-year-old sole goalscorer for France was determined to repeat his 2018 victory in 2022. He scored twice in the penalty shootout after scoring on a penalty. Messi had to defend himself.

His past behavior with fines supports the hypothesis we’ve been discussing. Earlier in the competition, he had also missed a penalty shot. He had previously squandered a golden opportunity to win the game from inside the penalty area. Messi was causing his country to lose its third straight championship game in a row, almost resulting in a move abroad for retirement. His final second chance at success. Just enough would do. Hugo Lloris went the wrong way with a slow ball roll-in, but he eventually recovered and saved the game. It was enough to tie the score at 2. It was essential for Argentina to come out on top 4-2.

Lionel Andres Messi

There was no more discussion. The present company is required. He is Lionel Andres Messi. A true champion of the world. Radiant with pride. He won the 2014 tournament’s player of the year award trophy in 2013. This time, its riches are being acknowledged. Until he passed the one person who was genuinely wealthy in his eyes, knelt, kissed the World Cup, and then danced about while proudly brandishing it. The initiative is now in his hands. Now it belongs to Argentina. The same as it was in 1986. True, it was Maradona’s. He has paved Messi’s path tonight, mustn’t he?

When asked by the BBC about who would replace him as Argentina’s starting forward, Maradona famously said, “I have seen the person who will inherit my place in Argentine football, and his name is Messi.” I find many parallels between us. Like we carried Maradona around Azteca on his teammates’ shoulders, we brought this man around the Lusail. It was accomplished whether you refer to it as a prophecy or a mission. On the ground, of course.


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