Find Out Who Janelle Zielinski Is: Visit Her Official Onlyfan Page Where You Can Read All About Her and Her Background As A Detroit Police Officer

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Janelle Zielinski was born in the United States on January 01, 1976. She is, at present, 46 years old. Very little detail is available online about her family, including her parents and siblings. However, we will work as swiftly as we can to collect their data.

Very little is known about Janelle Zielinski’s husband. And they’re married, too. However, his marital status is public knowledge. We promise to update you on her romantic status as soon as we learn more. If you want to keep up with the latest breaking news, subscribe to viralnewsy.

Goes Viral: A Video of Janelle Zielinski

Janelle Zielinski’s current wealth is pegged at about $200,000.

Janelle Zielinski, a police officer, has retired and quit her position. The next year, in May, she first released content exclusively for OnlyFans.

After enrolling in college in March and completing his degree in May, the ex-cop went to work for the police force.

Chris Graveline, head of Detroit PD’s Professional Standards Section, says this. There was a paywall on one of our officers’ Instagram accounts. Behind a paywall, she was uploading pornographic movies.

Film of Janelle Zielinski

Graveline reportedly shared this knowledge with Fox2. On top of that, you have a responsibility to act honestly and truthfully at all times. This is also a fundamental principle of DPD. Whenever we find something like this.

Our officers attach a high priority to this issue, thus command moves swiftly to address it.

Taken seriously, Chief White, these issues are. Because of the significance they have for the whole city of Detroit, not just the Detroit Police Department.

Video of Janelle Zielinski

On Tuesday, September 13, Zielinski reportedly told friends and family about her ordeal, saying, “I’m just going to say it because everyone’s finding out.”

I’ve chosen to stop being a police officer in Detroit. In order to improve my situation and give more of my time and energy to the things and people I care about.

She continued by claiming that she had never punished or fired anyone for any reason. This proves that you, not I, are the p**y who can’t handle other people’s success.

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