German Backpacker Sentenced To 5 Years For Strangling Se* Worker

A German backpacker is going to prison for five years because while having se*; he strangled a sez* worker to death with her dress.

Jingai Zhang, who was 49, died on December 26, 2020, while having se* with Tobias Pick, 27. This happened in Launceston, Tasmania.

After Ms. Zhang died, Pick, now 29 years old, stole $1,604 from her and threw her phone in a river.

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He was first charged with murder but admitted to killing someone accidentally.

The Launceston Supreme Court heard that Pick and his girlfriend had traveled around Australia for over a year before Ms. Zhang’s death. German Backpacker

The Mercury reported from the court that he paid her for se* once before she died, but that time he turned down her request to se*ually choke her.

Jingai Zhang passed away while having se* with a client.

After a fight with his girlfriend on Christmas Day, Pick went to see Ms. Zhang again, and this time. The court heard he choked her with her permission.

The court was told that he tried to choke her with his hand, but then they switched places, so Pick was behind Ms. Zhang.

Then she gave him her dress so he could put it around her neck.

Olivia Jenkins, Pick’s defense Aattorney, said, “He didn’t know she was struggling to breathe.” She also noted that Pick “deeply regrets” leaving the scene with his victim’s things, a German Backpacker.

According to the prosecutor, Elizabeth Avery told the court that Ms. Zhang had asked to be lightly strangled for “increased se*ual pleasure,” but not as hard as Pick did.

Her husband didn’t know she had a boyfriend or that she worked as a se* worker.

Justice Robert Pearce, who gave Pick his sentence on Tuesday, said that the backpacker’s “actions after her death made the crime even worse.”

According to the ABC, the judge told the court, “Consent does not justify or excuse acts that cause death.”

German Backpacker Sentenced To 5 Years For Strangling Sex Worker
German Backpacker Sentenced To 5 Years For Strangling Sex Worker

A forensic doctor had told the court earlier that there would have been a lot of force on Ms. Zhang’s neck for at least a minute, causing bruises and bleeding.

David Simmons, Ms. Zhang’s husband, said in a statement read to the court that he didn’t know she worked as a prostitute or had another boyfriend, German Backpacker.

Mr. Simmons said she was “kind, cared about others, and always worried about them.”

As the details of Pick’s crime were read out in court, he cried.

Ms. Jenkins said that Pick had shown “great regret” and had never been in trouble with the law before.

His five-year sentence was put off until December 28, 2020.

In June 2023, he will be able to get out of jail.


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