Half of the USA says he is the killer of the Ex-boyfriend of Idaho Student

Know the thought of Americans at the Idaho murder case

Family members of one of the murdered girls at the University of Idaho say that her Ex-boyfriend of Idaho was devastated after losing “the love of his life.”

After being called a person of interest in the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, who was killed along with three other students, Jack DuCoeur, 22, reportedly fears returning to college.

Aunt Brooke Miller said nephew DuCoeur was shocked to learn he was being questioned about the death of Kaylee Goncalves, with whom he had shared a close relationship for five years.

According to Miller’s comments to the New York Post, “he’s not only lost the love of his life, and what we all believed and he presumably thought as well would be his future bride – you know, get married, have kids, and all that.”

>>> Idaho Murder, 1st Time Open Exclusive Secret From Roommates

To add insult to injury, Miller said that “half of America” holds him “responsible” for the savage murders of Kaylee, 21, her roommate Madison Mogen, 21, and Xana Kernodle, 20, and her lover Ethan Chapin, 20.

Kaylee’s phone records attracted police to DuCoeur because they showed she had tried to call him ten times in the hours before we discovered her body in the off-campus residence.

They had been together for a long time but had broken up in the weeks leading up to her death.

Miller claimed, “Obviously he was unhappy, but they were still friends,” and added that the two had parted ways because Goncalves “was planned ongoing away.”

Thankfully, Moscow officials claimed they had “looked into” and “cleared” the calls.

According to a Facebook post, DuCoeur was cleared of suspicion on November 23.

Although no one has been taken into custody or designated as a suspect in the crime, internet detectives continue to post their theories about what happened.

There is not the slightest doubt in our minds that Jack would never intentionally harm another person in such a way.

As soon as DuCoeur was attacked, Kaylee’s family made a statement in his defense.

They’re wasting their time with Jack, Kaylee’s mom Kristi told The Daily Beast.

The two of us are equally heartbroken, as Jack is in the same boat. We love Jack like a brother.

DuCoeur’s aunt told him that after such a traumatic incident, he is having a hard time imagining returning to school, and he is not the only one affected by the lack of transparency.

Miller remarked, “He has a hard time imagining returning to Moscow because so they spent much of his time there with Kaylees.”

As the university resumes winter vacation, the Moscow community and the victims’ relatives wait for answers as police have not yet identified a suspect.

I killed three students between 3 and 4 a.m. on November 13 while their two surviving housemates, 19-year-olds Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke, slept with – Ex-boyfriend of Idaho.

The victims were on the second and third floors, while the two suspects were only on the first. Authorities have now determined that they were not involved in the attacks.

More terrifying details about the haunting case have emerged after a former resident of the horror house described hearing footsteps on “every floor.”

Idaho Murder, 1st Time Open Exclusive Secret From Roommates
Half of the USA gossiped he was the killer of the Ex-boyfriend of Idaho student who murdered the victim struggling.

Cole Alteneder, a former resident of the Moscow mansion, spoke to Fox News Digital about the “really creaky, ancient house,” as the public remains mainly in the know about the attacks.

Cole was a junior in high school when he moved in and graduated that same year (2022). One of the bedrooms on the first floor was elevated to make room for him on the second story.

A cold case is the last thing the family wants to see happen.

Cole recalled that the downstairs neighbor often complained that he could hear him moving about.

The moving chair I used at my desk was loud enough for him to notice.

Cole claimed that he and his roommates could pick in on conversations elsewhere in the home.

He said that because the house’s “ventilation system was pretty odd,” it was easy to overhear conversations from any room.

He claimed people had become numb to the sounds because they had become accustomed to them.

Though Cole heard noise from the upper floors, a former first-floor resident in 2019 told the publication that he often “heard nothing” from the second and third floors unless his roommate had the TV on loudly.

I wouldn’t have heard from downstairs,” claimed 43-year-old Ryan Augusta.

According to Cole, it would make sense if Ryan occupied the first-floor bedroom underneath the living room.

And now the cab driver who took two kids home before I killed them is speaking out about what he saw.

Internet detectives have also attacked the lack of a reward for information leading to the killer.

Six weeks after the horrifying crime, authorities still appeal to the public for information.

Miller has launched a GiveSendGo to help pay for “hiring a private investigator, getting competent legal advice, etc.,” as she explained to the Post.


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