Have bullet news of Darbhanga Airport: A Young Man Arrested with 3 Cartridges

A young man was caught at Darbhanga Airport with three loaded cartridges.

The investigation into the recovery of several I-cards, a magazine, and three cartridges from Kalamuddin has been reported in the Darbhanga Airport News. The local police station has also taken two reports. The police station closest to the teen’s given address has been contacted.

The airport police in Darbhanga, Bihar, have apprehended a traveler who was found to possess a magazine and three live cartridges. Passenger Kamaluddin was detained, and his name has been released. To get to Mumbai, Kamaluddin, a native of Kusamaha village in the Dhaka police station area of Motihari district, took a flight out of Darbhanga airport. Hey, find out more related and trending news following viralnewsy.com and make your day bright.

What cartridges have the man?

A magazine and three loaded (9 mm) cartridges were found in his checked luggage. Mohammad Kamaluddin, a security guard stationed at the airport, was promptly apprehended and turned over to the Sadar police station in Darbhanga after a lengthy interrogation. SDPO Amit Kumar of Darbhanga Sadar personally questioned the accused in detail, accompanied by the team force. Much alarming and doubt-deepening shreds of evidence have been unearthed in the search for the accused.

Mohammad Kamaluddin was found to have multiple fake identification documents prepared under his name. Several papers, including an Aadhaar card, an Icard, a press card from an Urdu magazine, and a card from a human rights organization, were found. All of the ID badges used his likeness.

Being close to Nepal has led to rumors that the country is involved in the counterfeit currency trade; however, the authorities have not confirmed this. The police, if credible police sources are to be trusted, repeatedly alter its story during questioning. The accused’s passport is also being reviewed. Almost every division of the Darbhanga Police Department is working on this case.

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Several identification cards, as well as a magazine and three cartridges, were found in Kalamuddin, according to SDPO Amit Kumar’s statement to the media. The police station closest to the teen’s given address has been contacted. The local police station has also taken two reports. There has been an expansion of the investigation’s scope, so there is no need to make any hasty announcements. Research is currently in progress.

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