Hindustani Bhau, Threatened Urfi Javed She Said Nothing To Fear From Anyone

Hindustani Bhau, regarding her clothing, threatens Urfi Javed, but the actress said, “I have nothing to fear from anyone.”

Bigg Boss fame The well-known actress was recently the target of a threat made by Hindustani Bhau. On Bhau’s Instagram account, a video has surfaced in which I heard him saying, “Urfi Javed, who is thinking of himself as a very prominent fashion designer in today’s day.”

Hindustani Bhau Urfi Javed: Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed) is still in conversation concerning her sense of style. They consistently made her fun of on social media in a trolling manner. People from many walks of life, including many celebrities, have voiced their opinions about his attire. At the same time, they confronted him with criticism of the way he dressed again. This time, the celebrity that comes with being on Bigg Boss has threatened her. Hindustani Bhau.

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Hindustani Bhau is threatening Urfi Javed.

On his Instagram account, Hindustani bro posted a video where he chanted “Jai Hind.” We intend this message for Urfi Javed, who considers herself a prominent fashion designer in the modern era. Son, you are walking about town dressed in clothes because you are trying to be fashionable… This is not a traditional practice… This does not constitute a culture… Because of you, I fear I am sending my sisters and daughters the wrong message… Therefore, work on bettering yourself, son. If that doesn’t work, I’ll fix it.

Hindustani Bhau is threatening Urfi Javed
Hindustani Bhau is threatening Urfi Javed

Urfi was someone with Whom Hindustani Bhau was interested in working.

The actress revealed in her article that Hindustani Bhau attempted to promote her for a while. But she categorically declined the offer. The actress has also revealed that she frequently suffers from mental anguish because of online trolling and fears about her safety.


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