How Much United States National Team Earned Prize Money In Qatar

They did not satisfy the United States of America with qualifying for the World Cup for the first time since it was last held in 2014. A young American team that had its sights set on moving past the Group Stage was ultimately successful in accomplishing that goal.

Following hard-fought draws against Wales and England, Christian Pulisic’s goal in the United States 1-0 victory over Iran helped send them through to the next Round. Because of the United States’ second-place finish in Group B, they will face off against the Netherlands in Round 16.

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The triumph provided pride to American supporters and inspired hope for the future because the squad comprised many young players. It also offered financial benefits to U.S. Soccer.

Find out how much the United States has won by making it to the Knockout Stage and how much that figure can increase if it successfully beats the Netherlands.

The U.S. Men’s National Team won prize money in the World Cup.

By getting to the knockout stage of the World Cup, they have awarded the United States $13 million in prize money.

The team was scheduled to receive $9 million just for participating in the Group Stage, which would have made the nation’s return to the World Cup even more meaningful. However, the victory over Iran to advance to the Round of 16 earned U.S. soccer an additional $4 million for the team’s participation.

If the United States were to defeat the Netherlands on Saturday, it would bring their overall prize haul up to $17 million.

The United States Women’s National Team will get approximately half the prize money won by the United States men’s team at the World Cup. The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between U.S. Soccer and the national teams stipulates each team will get 90% of the total earnings from the 2022 and 2023 World Cups. U.S. Soccer will receive 10% of these earnings.

There appears to be some misunderstanding on the equal prize money component of @USSoccer’s tournaments. The men’s and women’s teams share pooled earnings evenly; however, because U.S. Soccer receives a percentage, it is not a clean 50/50 split (which is why the groups do not truly get $6.5 million each from a prize of $13 million).

The breakdown of prize money at the World Cup FIFA has established the prize pool for the 2022 World Cup at $440 million. The winner will go away with $42 million in prize money. However, the funds will be split evenly among the competing teams.


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