I ❤️ Goa; Goa is Fully Engaged in the Time of Celebrating Christmas and New Year.

I ❤️ Goa; Goa is Fully Engaged when celebrating Christmas and new year.

Thousands of tourists worldwide are flocking to the coastal state of Goa in preparation for the holidays and Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Goa at the end and start of the year. So every tourist says I ❤️ Goa.

According to those in the hospitality business, nearly all of the state’s hotels are completely booked. The decision by the administration to not impose any limitations due to COVID-19 has lifted spirits. On Friday, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant clarified that the state will not enforce any restrictions connected to the pandemic until January 2, 2023. Still, he urged residents to take measures anyhow.

According to the travel Minister

“I think this year will turn out well for us altogether. Nilesh Shah, president of the Travel and Tours Association of Goa (TTAG), told PTI that visitors have flocked to the state for the holidays. He added that New Year’s Eve was nearly sold out at hotels, while Christmas and New Year saw occupancy rates of over 90%. He noted that Sawant’s declaration that COVID-19 limitations would be lifted until January 2 also benefited the tourism business. At the same time, the police force is on high alert. Recently, CM Sawant, also responsible for the department of housing, convened a conference of government heavy hitters.

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There are now more officers out there monitoring traffic. Margao and the other major cities and towns in the South Goa district participated in a police march led by Superintendent of Police Abhishek Dhania. Similarly, Superintendent of Police Nidhin Valsan led a parade through the streets of the North Goa district. On Saturday, midnight masses will be held around the state, with a Christian population of over 30%. In a statement delivered on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao reflected on the meaning of the holiday. Many Christians consider Jesus’ birth on Christmas Day proof that God visited Earth.

Wished everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year

He restrained his strength and, in Jesus Christ, assumed our human frailties. They identified with the lowest of humanity and, in doing so, forged a bond with all of humanity. He taught us to value one another and look out for one another so that our lives would be a “living and constant devotion to God and our fellow human beings,” as Ferrao put it. As the Cardinal wished everyone a Merry Christmas and New Year, he said, “I pray that we may all strive to reach out to everyone, particularly to the least and the last, listen to the voices and the needs of the people around us and spend our lives in the service of others, thereby constructing a new society and a strong communion of communities.”


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