Idaho Murder, 1st Time Open Exclusive Secret From Roommates

Moscow, Idaho

MOSCOW, Idaho–During a memorial service held for their loved ones on Friday in Post Falls, Idaho Murder, two roommates who survived the attack on November 13 that killed four University of Idaho students in their home near the campus shared public statements for the first time. We held the service in honor of the victims of the attack.

During the early morning of November 13, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke were sleeping on the first floor of their rental home on King Road when their three roommates, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen, and Xana Kernodle, Kernodle’s, Ethan Chapin, were stabbed to death, Idaho Murder.

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Mortensen’s letter was first to read aloud by a youth pastor named Chris from Real Life Ministries, which was the location of the memorial ceremony. The letter began by highlighting the wonderful friendship between Kernodle and Chapin.

Idaho Murder, 1st Time Open Exclusive Secret
Idaho Murder, 1st Time Open Exclusive Secret

Mortensen referred to the two individuals in his letter as “the two best friends but the perfect pair together.” “They shared an unbreakable, loving bond that could not be broken. They both looked at each other with such adoration in their eyes. Everyone was aware of the fact that they made a wonderful pair. They both had this zany, enthusiastic, and slightly insane but overall positive attitude. They were both the folks that cared about others and would help anyone who needed it.”

According to her, Kernodle was “the life of the party,” but she was also “so much more than a girl who could just have fun,” she said. Mortensen stated she was “strong, clever, hardworking,” and attractive. All was also a “people person,” and “everyone who got the chance to meet her adored her,” he added.

Characterized Chapin as someone, she looked up to as an older brother type who was easy to talk to, loving, compassionate, sarcastic, and humorous at the same time. She noted Kernodle was “his entire world,” and you could see it reflected in him.

We quote Mortensen as saying, “I know that Xana and Ethan are together, keeping each other company, monitoring us, and assuring us it’s okay and that we have each other.”

The roommate continued by describing Mogen and Goncalves as “an inseparable duo,” meaning they were best friends and treated each other like sisters.

“Maddie and Kaylee were like second moms to me. They imparted a great deal of knowledge not just on how to behave as a responsible adult, but also on how to enjoy one’s life. They altered my perspective on life and taught me how to take use of every moment to the fullest “she had written.

I said both were cheerful individuals who took pleasure in living life “to the utmost.” They were mature young women who were responsible and worked diligently, but they also understood how to have fun and appreciated the simple things in life,Idaho Murder.

Funke described Mogen as her “big” in the Pi Beta Phi sorority at the University of Idaho. Funke also described Mogen as the big sister she had always wanted.

In the letter read out loud during the vigil, Funke wrote to Mogen, “You always taught me that everything occurs for a reason, but I’m having a tough time trying to understand the purpose of this.” They took this passage from Funke’s letter.

I gave students at the University of Idaho
I gave students at the University of Idaho

Funke expressed her desire to give each of her housemates “one last embrace” and tell them how much she “loved them.”

The Moscow police department has maintained that the terrible killings resulted from “an isolated, targeted attack.” I gave students at the University of Idaho Murder, who had gone home for the Thanksgiving holiday, the opportunity to continue their education online from their homes rather than return to campus while a suspect was still at large. In addition, the police have disclosed no motive for the four people’s murders.


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