Joseph Parker skips Christmas in New Zealand to fight. “Tyson Fury invited me”

Joseph Parker forgoes spending Christmas with his family in New Zealand so that he can train in the United Kingdom. “I was invited by Tyson Fury” | Boxing Digest

It will be a chilly and lonely Christmas for Joseph Parker as he trains in Morecambe for his next bout.

The ex-world champion could be basking in the New Zealand summer with his loved ones at home.

Instead, he’ll spend Christmas alone in Morecambe, with only his tree for company.

On January 21st, Parker faces Jack Massey at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, live on Sky Sports box office as part of the Chris Eubank Jr vs. Liam Smith undercard.

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Tyson Fury’s camp and trainer are in the UK. He’s not leaving.

People in New Zealand are friendly and sunny, so many people ask me why I keep returning to rainy Morecambe. Have a wonderful summer; loved ones surround you, you have financial security, and you have accomplished much. …Parker remarked.

I plan on staying put and focusing on my work. This is why I had to abandon my loved ones and search for employment.

His year has not been easy. The only time Parker stepped into the ring in 2022, he was beaten badly by Joe Joyce in September.

Boxing New: Joseph Parker
Boxing New: Joseph Parker

His interest in boxing, though, has not waned. He plans on returning to the top of his game in 2019, beginning with the Massey bout.

My wife told me I had to fight even though I was at home practicing. In the end, my wife told me to “go back to England, train, and fight again” after I had been working out aimlessly for some time. …Joseph Parker remarked.

Andy Lee and I have been exercising this week, but as he should, he’s heading home to see his small family for the holidays.

There’s only me and this Christmas tree here.

Parker won’t be attending any parties.

The residents of Morecambe have been kind and helpful during my trip. He said, “I’ve been asked to so many parties and events, but I don’t want to get sick, and I don’t want to fall sick just before a fight, so I want to do everything right and keep – become well.” “I’ve been invited to many parties and events, but I don’t want to get sick.”

Tyson invited me over for dinner, Parker said. Tyson and I will likely greet each other with “What’s up and Merry Christmas.”

She joked about how she wished she could go wrap a present, place it under the Christmas tree, and then wake up on Christmas Day without knowing what she had received. I will go find a nice spot in the shade and sing a song there.

He is committed to giving up these things for the sake of his sport.

Boxing is one of my favorite sports. What’s more, I thrive on difficulty. I believe Boxing appeals to many combatants because of the test it presents. In addition to the problem of your training, you also have to deal with the threat posed by your opponents. You learn, select, and observe. “…and you do,” Joseph Parker added.

I don’t have to worry about anything. “I just want to get in shape and start fighting,” he said.


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