Kanjhawala death: 11 Delhi cops suspended for incompetence

Kanjhawala death case, 11 cops

The order was made because of the Kanjhawala death of a 20-year-old woman in the Khanjawala area of Outer Delhi. woman was hit by a car and dragged for a few kilometers before she died.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) told the Police to take disciplinary action against everyone on duty that night because of the death of a lady who was dragged by a car. 11 cops were suspended for negligence over the death of the woman.

The Ministry put the question to Delhi Police to immediately suspend all of the people working in the three PCR vans and two pickets that were out at night because they didn’t answer calls telling them about the hit-and-run.

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The case is about the horrible thing that happened on January 1, when 20-year-old Anjali Singh, riding a scooter, was hit by a car driven by five young men and dragged for several kilometers. She was found dead on the street in the Kanjhawala death area of Outer Delhi.

Officials said that after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) looked at a detailed report from the Delhi Police about the case on Thursday, it suggested that police officers in three PCR vans and at two police pickets be put on leave.

At the time of the event, these police officers were on duty.

Also, the MHA suggested that Delhi Police Commissioner Mr. Sanjay Arora take disciplinary action against these police officers in the three Police Control Room (PCR) patrolling vans and at the two police pickets.

Officials with knowledge of the investigation told ANI that the MHA also suggested that the Delhi Police Commissioner send a “show cause” notice to the supervisory officers who might have failed to do their jobs investigating the case.

Kanjhawala death case, 11 cops
Kanjhawala death case, 11 cops

The Ministry also suggested that the Delhi Police file charges against the people who did this as soon as possible and did everything else that needs to be done to punish them.

The MHA made this suggestion after getting a detailed report from Delhi Police about what happened on New Year’s Day morning in the Kanjhawla neighborhood in outer Delhi.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had told his Ministry to get a detailed report from Delhi Police about the incident. Special Commissioner of Police Shalini Singh wrote the report. She was told to do a thorough investigation and give detailed information afterward.

The MHA then sent a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner asking for a full report on what had happened. This was done at the Union Home Minister’s request.

Five men were arrested in connection with the death of the 20-year-old woman a few hours before the order was given.


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