Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae Success Story

Katylee Bailey and Libby-Real Mae’s Story

This is Katylee Bailey, a British social media star who shot to fame on the platform Musical.ly. As a result of the shutdown, Bailey migrated to TikTok, where she has nearly amassed a million followers. Bailey shares many videos, from comedic skitsx

She frequently works with Libby-Mae, her social media star girlfriend. Libby’s rise to internet fame may have lagged behind Katylee’s, but she’s doing well. She has over 740,000 TikTok followers and an additional 87,000 on Instagram. Katylee and Libby-Mae have a popular YouTube channel with 41,4K subscribers.

Parents of Kaylee and Libby wrote off their daughters’ coming out as gay as a passing phase.

Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae Success Story
Katylee Bailey and Libby Mae Success Story

Libby’s best friend learned she was gay when she was 13. Since Libby couldn’t deny her feelings for another female student, her best friend wondered if she wasn’t straight. Libby waited three years before telling her mother about her s**ality. Mae’s mom didn’t object but thought it was a phase.

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According to Libby in a YouTube video titled “Our Coming Out Story,” “it was something like, ‘Mom, I’m gay. And I said, “I’ve been wanting to tell you for such a long time, but I’ve been so scared of what you’d think.” “It’s just a phase,” every parent will tell you. Libby’s mom believed Mae’s insecurities were just a passing phase.

Although Mae’s father knows she is a lesbian, she has never “come out” to him. She joked she needed three more years to pluck up the nerve to say it. Katylee, like Libby, came out to her mom at a young age, but by that point, her mom already knew.

Katylee’s bisexuality was questioned after she began associating with the gay community. Her mother had also observed that she frequently mingled with female partygoers. Katylee’s mother, like Libby’s, brushed off the confession as a phase. When Katylee and Libby started dating seriously, their parents found out the truth about the admissions.

Katylee and Libby feel strongly that parents must take their children’s coming out seriously. The young couple said, “I feel like parents never actually believe you.” “Now my mom believes us,” I told her.

Libby Mae
Libby Mae

Katylee and Libby want to start a family and get married.

The relationship between Katylee and Libby is strong, and the two are committed to getting married. According to a video Q&A posted by the couple in October 2020, they hope to get married during one of their future trips abroad. The couple is eager to start a family but will settle down once they’re both ready. The couple, both of whom are 18, are pleased with their relationship thus far. On January 1, 2021, Mae posted several intimate photos of the couple to Instagram with the caption:

I am going into 2021 with the LOML. While 2018 certainly hasn’t been without its challenges, we’ve persevered and emerged even stronger than before. What a blessing it is to have you as my own, and I look forward to our future together with excitement. Always and forever, my beautiful.

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