Khurrum Sohail Khan Laghari resign from PTI, which made by Punjab Assembly

The decision to resign from the PTI was made by Punjab Assembly member Khurrum Sohail Khan Laghari.

Tehreek-e-Insaf Khairabad is the name that Member of the Punjab Assembly Khurrum Sohail Khan Laghari has decided to give the party.

After Faisal Vawda’s news conference and the lengthy march. Tehreek-e-Insaf will suffer another significant blow due to Khurram Laghari’s decision to leave the PTI

According to our sources, Khurram Leghari will hold a news conference this evening to announce his resignation from the party. Two or three MLAs from South Punjab may leave the party together with Khurram Leghari. follow Viral Newsy for more trending and viral video;

In this respect, Member of the Punjab Assembly Khurram Laghari stated that he would provide a surprise during the press conference that will take place in the evening, that we can no longer continue with the PTI, and that he will have other members of the assembly with him.

A member of the pro-Jahangir Tareen organization who is an MPA has been arrested on suspicion of harassing and blackmailing a woman, according to the police in Lahore.

According to Express Tribune, the First Information Report (FIR) was filed at the Defence A Police Station. Amna Yakub, the lady who filed the complaint, accused Khurrum Sohail Khan of breaking into her home and engaging in aerial firing. In addition to that, she stated that he had threatened to murder her.

The person who filed the complaint asserted that the MPA had coerced her into having a romantic connection and acted as though she was single. In addition, she stated that Leghari had forced her into attending a covert gathering with him in the past as well. It is also rumored that he coerced Amna into signing the nikahnama against her will.

Amna reportedly said that she had protested to Leghari’s father about his behavior but that her complaints had no effect.

In October of the previous year, Pakistan Awami Party (PAP) member Sardar Khurrum Sohail Khan, also a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), submitted his resignation from his job as special assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Leghari was fired from his position as special assistant to the chief minister on food by the provincial government in April 2020.

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