Know why Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi – Lucknow Murder Case

‘Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi For Refusing Conversion-Nikah.

Two days after a horrible crime happened in New Delhi, where a Muslim man killed and chopped up his Hindu live-in partner, a similar crime was reported from Lucknow. Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi.

Mohammed Sufiyan is said to have thrown Nidhi Gupta off the fourth floor of a building because she would not marry him as a convert.

The event in Lucknow happened on the evening of November 15 in the Dubagga area.

In the First Information Report (number 231/2022) about Nidhi’s death, Nidhi’s mother, Lakshmi Gupta, says that a neighbor named Sufiyan, the son of Mohammed Raju followed her daughter. what full A Teenage Girl Killed In Lucknow.

After he became a Muslim, he would try to get her to marry him. When she told Sufiyan’s parents about this, he threw Nidhi off a building from the fourth floor. Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi, who was 19, and passed away before she got to the hospital.

Based on the complaint, the Dubagga police charged Sufiyan with murder under IPC section 302 and the Uttar Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act, 2021.

Sukhvir Singh Bhadoriya, in charge of the case, told Swarajya that Sufiyan and his whole family were on the run. He said that Nidhi’s body had been sent away to be checked out.

Piyush Media, the joint commissioner for law and order, told the media that Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi lived in the same colony. He had been trying to get her to be his friend for over a year.

The victim’s family told the local media that Nidhi knew Sufiyan and had accepted his phone as a gift.

Ravi Gupta, Nidhi’s father, told Dainik Bhaskar that Sufiyan was “brainwashing” Nidhi and that he had given her a cell phone.

“Sufiyan was persuading Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi to become a Muslim against her will. They wouldn’t listen to us when we told his family how bad he was. Nidhi went to the terrace when the fight got worse. Sufiyan walked after her. We heard a scream soon after, and when we got to the terrace, Sufiyan shoved us aside and ran away. The father told the newspaper, “We found our daughter bleeding and lying on the ground.”

Nidhi’s mom, Lakshmi, said that Nidhi hadn’t talked to Sufiyan in a while.

“He always said he’d kill my daughter. “The police knew about it, but they didn’t do anything about it,” Lakshmi told the newspaper.

The Times of India said that police said Nidhi jumped off the terrace alone, but Nidhi’s family said Sufiyan pushed her.

ADCP of the west zone, Chiranjeev Nath, was quoted as saying that Nidhi was mad at Sufiyan because he had insulted her family. The officer told the newspaper that after they got into a fight, she climbed to the fourth floor and jumped off.

Aftaf Poonawalla and Shraddha Case In Delhi

In a recent case in New Delhi, a man named Aaftab Ameen killed Shraddha Walker. This happened a month after she left her family in Maharashtra to live with him in Delhi.

Shraddha’s father told the Delhi police in writing that he didn’t like the fact that she was dating Aaftab because he was Muslim and she was Hindu.

But Shraddha told her father that it was her legal right to decide what to do with her life. Police say that Aaftab choked Shraddha on May 18 after they fought.

To get rid of her body, he bought a 30-liter refrigerator, used a meat cleaver to cut it into 35 pieces, and put them in the fridge. Over the next 18 days, he removed all the parts by throwing some of them into the jungle every night.

These back-to-back crimes have again made people all over the country angry about how men from the Muslim community trap non-Muslim women in relationships to convert them to Islam or to assault or use them se*ually.

Nidhi Gupta
Nidhi Gupta

Love Jihad

This pattern is called “love jihad” by Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and tribal groups. The term “love jihad” was first used by Christian groups in Kerala more than a decade ago.

The government’s National Crime Records Bureau doesn’t see this pattern as a type of crime, and it doesn’t keep track of se*ual crimes against women by the religion of the victims and offenders.

But social activists and religious groups always bring up these cases and often protest them. Several states, like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, have passed laws that make it illegal to marry someone who is not your religion. Sufiyan Killed Our Daughter Nidhi.

This pattern has been seen more than once, according to Swarajya. Here is a short list of ways that women have been singled out and killed because of it:

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