KODY Brown! Sister Wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown have “vengeance bodies” Kody

Sister Wives stars show how their bodies have changed since they broke up with Kody Brown.

Christine, Jenelle, and Meri Brown are still staying away from polygamist patriarch Kody, and the reality stars have been working hard to get stronger mentally and physically.

Meri is the last wife of the family patriarch to leave him.

During the Sister Wives: One-on-One special, she said she and her partner of 32 years were breaking up.

Considering the news, sources say that Kody, 53, is looking for “more wives.”

A source told the U.S. Sun before that Christine, 50, and Janelle, 53, is on a health journey together and “building a financial empire” together.

And Janelle, who is “trying to figure out” what she will do next, is “thinking about moving near Christine for good.”

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Meri is 51 and focused on her LulaRoe business and planning more Real Life Retreats. The next one is in February.

All three of them have also been spending more time at the gym working on their revenge bodies so they can show Kody what he’s missing out on.

Christine ran away from Kody first.

Since she broke up with her boyfriend in November 2021, the reality star has made many changes, like trying a new supplement she wrote about on Instagram.

The caption for the post says, “My PINK DRINK called Slim Hunger Control has been a game changer in helping me control my cravings, suppress my appetite, and keep my blood sugar balanced so that losing weight isn’t hard!”

In the video, Christine eats a snake made of celery and peanut butter, and then it cuts to photos of the 50-year-old woman wearing tight plaid pants and a blue top.

“This is how I did it…,” says the text over the pictures. Christine shows off her slim figure while showing off the Pink Drink and says, “I drink Slim Hunger Control EVERY DAY, and you should too.”

Janelle has been trying to lose weight for a few years now, and in 2020 she said she felt “confident” again in a bathing suit.

She wrote in the caption of a selfie from her beach vacation, “For years, I made excuses not to go anywhere that required a swimsuit. As I learned to love my body and everything it could do, I became more sure of myself. All of my fears are…

“I’m still growing, but I’ve missed so much fun over the years. No more! So, here is my annual post about how to go to the beach. “Get dressed and go,” she said.

In an Instagram Story from last month, Janelle showed a picture of her monster squat stand.

  • The reality star seemed happy to get back to “strength training.”
  • She wrote, “I’ve been just getting by for a few months with the bare minimum.”
  • The TV star said her workouts made her feel “powerful.”

Meri’s change isn’t as much about losing weight as the others are, but a complete makeover.

And what better way to start a new life than to share a racy picture of yourself naked in the bathtub?

In October, the reality star posted a picture of herself in a bubble bath on her Instagram Stories. Only her toes were out of the water.

KODY! Sister Wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown have "vengeance bodies" Kody
KODY! Sister Wives Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown have “vengeance bodies” Kody

She put “Middle of the night insomnia” as the post’s caption and thanked a clothing company for the bubbles.

A few days before, she posted a picture of herself in a red swimsuit and seemed to make fun of Kody.

Meri put up a picture of herself on the beach wearing the red swimsuit and sunglasses and smiling big.

In the post’s caption, Sister Wives wrote, “Happiness comes from doing things that make you happy. She said with a smiley face emoji, “Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.”

Fans had different reactions. One wrote, “Then be with someone who really loves and cares about you, because Kody doesn’t.”


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