Argentina’s finance government is planning to print the world cup winner Lionel Messi’s photo on the note

Will Messi’s photo print on the note?

In the FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar, the Argentine team became the champion under the captaincy of Lionel Messi. He defeated France in the final. After this victory, the Central Bank of Argentina now has many options to celebrate. There is also one of these that Messi’s photo should be put on the 1000 note…

Under the captaincy of Lionel Messi, the Argentine team created history in the recently held FIFA World Cup 2022 season. This World Cup took place in Qatar. Where the final was played on 18 December. In this, Argentina won the title by defeating France 4-2 in the penalty shootout. After this historic victory, there is an atmosphere of celebration worldwide, including in Argentina.

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Meanwhile, it is being said in media reports that the Argentine government is considering putting Messi’s photo on its country’s note. Many such messages are going viral. It is being said that the Central Bank of Argentina has made such a proposal to the government. In it has been told to put Messi’s photo on the 1000 note.

Let us tell you that before this, Argentina had won the title in 1978 and 1986. In such a situation, even during 1978, the bank issued coins as a commemorative to celebrate. This time, the bank is thinking of doing something new in such a situation. Argentina’s newspaper El Financiero has disclosed this in its report.

Messi’s photo can be on 1000 notes.

The Viral Newsy has said in its report that one of the many options with the Central Bank of Argentina is to put Messi’s photo on the 1000-peso note. Messi’s jersey number 10 will also be seen in this. The first two digits in this number thousand will be 10. Also on this note will be the word ‘La masculinity’, the second name of the Argentine team.

There have been many examples of viral images on social media.

Since this information lights, Messi’s photos have become popular on various social media platforms. Photos of Messi on a thousand peso bill are displayed here. After Messi wins the 2022 World Cup, we proposed it to put his image on the Argentine peso money, the tweeter added. A thousand peso bill will include Leo’s likeness.

There have been many examples of viral images on social media
There have been many examples of viral images on social media

Messi scored two superb goals in the final match.

Lionel Messi scored 7 goals in the FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar. He scored two goals in the final match. Both these goals came in the 23rd (penalty) and 108th minutes. Angel Di Maria scored a goal for Argentina in the 36th minute. While in the final, Killian Embappé scored three goals for France. In this way, the match was tied 3-3, even after extra time. Then Argentina became the champion in the penalty shootout.

Argentina has won the FIFA World Cup for the third time.

The Argentina team has won its third title in World Cup history. This Argentine team, captained by Messi, had earlier won the 1978 and 1986 titles. Apart from this, Argentina has also been the runner-up three times (1930, 1990, 2014). The French team’s dream of winning the title for the second time in a row and overall for the third time has been shattered. Earlier, the French team became champions in 1998 and 2018.


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