Mursal Nabizada: What happened to the Former Afghan MP

What happened to Mursal Nabizada? In Afghanistan.

Unidentified gunmen shot Mursal Nabizada, a former member of parliament for Afghanistan, and her bodyguard dead in their Kabul house. The story of what happened to Mursal Nabizada and why needs more attention.

They shot Mursal Nabizada in her home after she remained in Kabul after the Taliban overran it.

In the incident, they hurt her brother and another security guard, while the third security guard ran off with cash and valuables.

It is being looked into, according to the police.

Why did something terrible happen to Mursal Nabizada?

Local police head Molvi Hamidullah Khalid stated on Sunday that gunfire killed Nabizada and her guard at around 3 a.m. on Saturday. According to him, it hurt both her brother and another security guy. A third guard stole cash and valuables and ran away.

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On Sunday, an assault left her brother and another security guard injured. Her former coworkers hailed Ms. Nabizada as a “fearless fighter for Afghanistan” for refusing to leave the country when given the opportunity.

She had been working from her home’s first-floor office when she passed away. A probe, Khalid claimed, is currently in progress. When pressed for an explanation, he gave none.

Why people die

Former Afghan MP Mursal Nabizada was shot and killed at his Kabul residence. Afghan police said they killed a former member of parliament and her bodyguard in a shooting at her residence in the city of Kabul. After the Taliban took over in August 2021, Mursal Nabizada, 32, was one of the few female members of parliament to remain in Kabul.

Unknown perpetrators carried out the assassination, making it the first time I had killed a member of parliament from the former administration in the city since the takeover.

We are still looking into this.

Mr. Khalid has stated that inquiries are being conducted. When pressed for an explanation, he remained silent. Once the Taliban were reinstated in 2021, it largely excluded women from public life.

Police spokesman Khalid Zadran in Kabul said that authorities had investigated what had happened. Ms. Nabizada was “a true trailblazer — the strong, outspoken woman who stood for what she believed in, even in the face of danger,” as described by former MP Mariam Solaimankhil.

Mursal Nabizada
Mursal Nabizada

According to her Twitter bio, “she chose to stay and fight for her people despite being offered the choice to flee Afghanistan.”

Pristine Nabizada

In 2019, Nabizada won the election as Kabul’s representative and served in that role until the Taliban’s overthrow in 2001. She served on the parliamentary defense panel and at the Institute for Human Resource Development and Research, a private, non-governmental organization.

After the Taliban took over in August 2021, Mursal Nabizada was among the few women lawmakers remaining in the capital.

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Former Afghan official and supporter of the current government of Hamid Karzai, Abdullah Abdullah, expressed his sorrow over Nabizada’s murder and called for justice to be served. He referred to her as a “servant of the people” and a “representative” of their interests.

Malalai Ishaqzai, a former member of parliament from Kandahar, has also expressed her sadness.

In response to the murder, European Parliament member Hannah Neumann declared, “I am sorry and indignant and want the world to know!” She was murdered in the dark, but the Taliban constructed their gender apartheid system during the day.

After the Taliban retook power in Afghanistan after the American-led invasion two decades ago, many women who had held prominent professional positions left the country.

As a successful woman and public figure, she would have known that if she had stayed in her homeland under the Taliban, this was the fate she could look forward to.

That is incredibly brave of you.

I’m so sorry for her and all of her loved ones. I think we can all agree that the bravery of the women and girls in Afghanistan is inspiring. They used to be respected members of society, like professors and doctors, but now they’re downright evil.

Islam condemns such treatment of females. After performing his final Hajj, Rasulullah SAW delivered his farewell sermon, urging his fellow Muslims to respect and protect women.

I was considering that no nation will come to your help. They spent years trying, and look where it got them: nowhere. So, leave QUIETLY in well-organized small groups and head to a country where you will be respected for your intelligence and education. I wish you the best of luck.

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A lawmaker in Afghanistan, Mursal Nabizada, served in the legislature. She remained in Afghanistan. Despite the Taliban’s rule, she stayed in the country. The murder of MP Nabizada in her house occurred today. For women, Afghanistan is a living horror.

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Kabul:— Mursal Nabizada, a former member of parliament for Afghanistan, was shot and assassinated in her Kabul apartment by assailants who remain at large. Nabizada was an outspoken opponent of the Taliban’s policy of preventing women from receiving an education. Despite threats, she stayed in Afghanistan.

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Former Afghan lawmaker and member of parliament Mursal Nabizada. The Taliban stormed her house and murdered her today. Even though her life was in danger, she stayed in the country to inspire other women.

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