Nepal Pokhara Airport Plane Crash, Watch Video

What went wrong? Everything we know so far about the Nepal Pokhara airport plane crash

Sunday, a passenger plane with 72 seats crashed on the runway at Nepal’s Pokhara International Airport. Let’s learn more about a passenger plane crash in Nepal.

Why the Yeti plane crashed:

The Kathmandu Post says that the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed between the old airport and the Pokhara International Airport had 68 passengers and four crew members.

The plane was taking off from Kathmandu and heading to Pokhara. Rescue efforts are going on while the airport is closed.

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First reports say the plane crashed when it tried to land at the Pokhara International Airport in bad weather.

People are still trying to help. Details about the accident are still being worked out.

Posts on different social media sites showed that smoke was coming from the location of the disaster.

What went wrong with the Nepalese passenger plane?

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Yeti Airlines’s 9N-ANC ATR-72 plane left Kathmandu at 10:33 a.m. (CAAN).

News sources say that a passenger plane crashed on Sunday as it was landing at the Pokhara airport. According to unconfirmed sources, 13 people died in this accident. No one knew what was going on with the other passengers.

More reports say the plane caught fire as it landed on the runway. The plane crashed into the bank of the Seti River in Pokhara, halfway between the old and new airports.

See video: Plane went down:

A plane from Kathmandu to Pokhara flown by Yeti Air has crashed close to the airport. The video of the plane crash shows that there was a lot of smoke at the scene of the accident.

Airport Plane Crash
Airport Plane Crash

The 9N ANC ATR72 plane that crashed in Pokhara had four people on board. Captain Kamal KC was in charge of the crew.

Sudarshan Bartaula, a representative for the company, said that the fire caused by the Pokhara plane crash is being put out.

Authorities from the government say that they have sent security staff to the event scene to help with rescue efforts.

There are a lot of plane crashes in Nepal. Hundreds of people died when domestic and international flights went down.

Nepal has also had several major airplane accidents in the past few years. In Nepal, nearly 30 planes have crashed in the last 30 years. In May 2022, the Tara Air plane crashed, killing 22 people on board.

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