New photo released to identify mystery woman found dead on beach 30 years ago

I have posted an updated photo.

New photo released nearly 30 years after a woman’s body was discovered on a beach in Somerset. On Wednesday, January 13, 1993, she was found on the beach in Burnham-on-Sea by a coastguard who wasn’t on duty then.

We found several hints about her whereabouts in the recent past on her person.

In her purse, she had a Superdrug-purchased bottle of paracetamol and a mint with the Greek word for “Kansaras” printed on the package.

It was unclear which finger the woman’s gold band ring was on, but it suggested she was married.

On January 13, 1993, after a spate of stormy weather had passed through the area, she was discovered on the beach close to the Low Lighthouse.

The Braer Storm hit the United Kingdom, one of the strongest north Atlantic cyclones ever recorded.

Despite having several potential identifiers on her person, the Burnham-on-Sea Woman remains a mystery.

Forensic artist Hew Morrison of Scotland created a fresh image on the 30th anniversary of discovering her body to identify her.

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This is because a team of Locate International volunteers is looking into her case again.

Founder and CEO of Locate International Dave Grimstead said, “As we pass 30 years since her death, we’re hoping someone out there can assist unite Burnham-on-Sea woman with her rightful name.”

Perhaps you’ve seen her before, or at least something about her—maybe her attire or even offered her the Kansas after-dinner mint at that one curry restaurant.

You may recall a north Somerset woman with long grey hair about this time.

We’re also trying to piece together her background by talking to others in the West Country’s eastern European population; do you know anyone who fits her description with ties to that region?

“We want you to come forward because even the smallest details can help bring our investigation forward.”

Between 60 and 70 years old, the slender woman stood 157 centimeters (5 feet, 1 inch) in height. She was white and had long, silvery hair.

She was reportedly last seen wearing a jaeger-branded black skirt that hit just above the knee, dark ankle stockings, and a light green and beige overcoat with a dark green fur-lined hood.

She wore black knit gloves and a scarf with a yellow and black design, and her one shoe was blue with a blue bow and a 1.5″ heel by Stead & Simpson. She had on no less than three cardigans:

A bulky, knitted, light-blue cardigan with two front pockets, no buttons, and a belt that wraps around the waist.

A beaded black cardigan with a black sash around the neck and shoulders. The blue cardigan was worn over top of this.

New photo to released identify beach-dead lady 30,
New photo to released identify beach-dead lady 30,

A long collared pink cardigan with gold and pink buttons. It’s unknown if this was worn under the black cardigan, but it was worn below the blue one.

Rough weather hit the Bristol and North Somerset area when she set off.

Hailstones up to 10 mm in size were observed in Yatton, and streets in Weston-super-Mare were white with hail on January 12, 1993, a day when thunder was prevalent in the Bristol Channel area, and a tornado hit Congresbury.

This category includes the 2004 discovery of the Wembley Point Woman at the foot of a high-rise.

She left a “distinctive” oil painting unattended in a local cafe.

A used pack of Marlboro cigarettes, a newspaper (the Guardian), and a bus pass for seven days were also left behind.

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The identity of the person who died in London after being hit by a car and dubbed “Brian Wallace” is also being sought by investigators.

His body was discovered on January 22, near the Walthamstow bar The Bell.

No passport or other personal paperwork was found in his clothes, and all the phone numbers in his pocketbook were business contacts.

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