Paramedics are blaming the man who wanted to save his life

I accuse paramedics of killing a man whose life they tried to save.

Two EMTs who were supposed to save a man’s life have been accused of killing him, Paramedics;

Peter Cadogan, 50-year-old, and Peggy Finlay, 40, have been charged with first-degree murder because they strapped a man facedown on a gurney, and he died of suffocation.

On December 18, 2022, Ear L. Moore Jr., who was 35 years old, died after calling 911 from his home in Springfield, Illinois.

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Fox News says Moore was a severe alcoholic who had had nothing to drink in days and called 911 for help.

When police went to his house, a woman answered the door and told them Moore was hallucinating.

In body cam footage that was made public, she says, “He called you guys for no reason.” The officer then asks if Moore needs an ambulance.

She said, “Every time I bring him to the hospital, they just let him go.”

He is seeing things that aren’t there and hearing voices.”

When the private company LifeStar Ambulance Service paramedics got there, they put Moore on the stretcher on his stomach and put a medical strap across his back and lower body.

Moore was then taken to the hospital, but 45 minutes after the paramedics strapped him down on the stretcher, I pronounced him dead.

People got a copy of the coroner’s report on Moore’s death, which said that she died of “compressional and positional asphyxia” because I strapped her down facedown on a stretcher while being transported by paramedics.

It arrested Cadigan and Finley on Monday, January 9, for Moore’s murder. According to NPR Illinois, if they are found guilty, they could spend 20 to 60 years in prison.

Teresa Haley, president of the NAACP chapter in Springfield, compared the sad death to the one of George Floyd in 2020.

He also died of positional asphyxia when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knees into Floyd’s back for over nine minutes.

Haley told the Illinois Times it was “almost worse” because Moore struggled to breathe on the body cam footage.

She said, “If this guy was already facing trouble breathing and then you put him on a stretcher facedown, it was mean to see the video and how they treated him.”

They just strapped him down and threw his hands behind him. Even if he tried, he couldn’t move.”

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