People Said She Was Drunk When Urfi Javed Tripped And Bumped Into Things

Is she Drank?

Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed is unable to cope with the pressure! When people saw her stumbling and bumping into things, they muttered something like, “Drunk…”

Urfi Javed has again reached to flaunt in front of the world, wearing a new dress. However, this time, she has emerged into the limelight not because of clothes but rather because of something else.

Urfi Javed’s New Viral Video: Whenever Internet celebrity Urfi Javed appears in front of the camera, she astounds people with her eccentric style. Because of her bizarre sense of fashion, Urfi is frequently the target of trolling on various forms of social media. Urfi Javed New Video was recently spotted flaunting in front of the globe again, wearing a new ensemble. This time, Urfi hung several keys from the back of the translucent black garment. This time, Urfi Javed Video’s activities are being mocked on social media more than his brightly colored attire has been in the past.

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A new video by Urfi Javed goes viral.

In the latest video, Urfi Javed’s New Dress is wearing a see-through and black garment. The front of Urfi’s clothing is exposed entirely. This time, to conceal her breasts, she is using nothing more than a simple black band as support. Because of all of her stumbling and bumping, Urfi Javed Troll is getting more of a troll job done on her than ever before.

Urfi Javed’s New Video may be seen in the most recent video of climbing on the feet of the individual who initially arrived to take a photo with her. Then, when she goes to the elevator in the building, she bumps into the person in front of her. As a result of these crashes and failures, Urfi is being mocked on various social media platforms.

People are stating that Urfi Javed’s Instagram has taken a significant amount of drunkenness as part of their vicious trolling on the internet. One person said it appears to be of poor quality, pointing out that it has also been delayed and now has worse eyes. In this comment, another user stated that she is usually intoxicated; nevertheless, it is currently unknown with whom and with whom she continues to be drunk… Another user said, “PK hai kya.”


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