Pratibha Killed Her Boyfriend, A Doctor Called Vikas Ranjan, Because He Shared Naked Photos Of Her

Pratibha, a lady from India, brutally Pratibha Killed Her BoyfriendPratibha Killed Her BoyfriendPratibha Killed Her Boyfriend, A Doctor Called Vikas Ranjan, Because He Shared Naked Photos Of Her a doctor named Vikas Ranjan, because he had leaked nude images of her. Following Viral Newsy And get more recent update news.

In retaliation for the 27-year-old man reportedly sending naked images of his fiancee to his friends and uploading them online, his fiancee and two of her pals are suspected of having committed murder against him. According to the allegations, the man, who worked as a physician, was initially assaulted by the friends of the woman who would later become his wife. The event took place on September 10 of this year.

Pratibha Killed Her Boyfriend, A Doctor Called Vikas Ranjan

The victim was named Vikash Rajan by The Times of India. Rajan completed his medical education in Ukraine and worked as a physician in Chennai for some time before moving to Bengaluru to study for the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE).

After dating for two years before beginning their wedding preparations, the pair will finally tie the knot. Some time, the woman saw explicit images of herself posted to Instagram. After asking her fiance about it, she was able to uncover the identity of the person who had written the post.

To submit the photos, Rajan used an account belonging to a recently activated buddy. He also forwarded copies of these to his pals who resided in Tamil Nadu.

She then told another student in the class about her fury, and the two immediately began planning preparations for retribution.

Afterward, the woman invited her future husband to accompany her on a trip to New Mico Layout to visit a friend of hers, Pratibha Killed Her Boyfriend

In addition to him, there were two other male buddies present.

According to the allegations, the four accused are then said to have attacked the doctor with water bottles, mops, and their bare hands. However, when the lady observed that he was losing consciousness, she immediately took him to the hospital since she said she had no intention of murdering him in the first place.

The physician had been receiving therapy for four days before he died on September 14.

His future wife informed him that her friends attacked him after they got into a quarrel and that she wasn’t home at the time. She added that she was sorry about what happened. After that, she told his brother about it.
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The first accusations brought by the police were those of Pratibha Killed Her Boyfriend; however, these allegations were eventually upgraded to those of murder. There are currently three of the four suspects in custody. The accused person has been brought into custody by the police so that an additional investigation may occur.

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