Pregnant Woman Heartbreak, Whose Sister Killed Herself After Father Raped Her

Why did the father rape his daughter?

Jamie-Leigh Craig, who was 20 years old when she died, Sister killed herself on December 22, 2016, after their dad, James Elder, raped her. Chloe Craig, 23 Years old, says that her 45-year-old mother, Liz Craig, died with a “broken heart” because she couldn’t deal with what had happened.

This year, Chloe had trouble with her mental health after her mother and sister died. However, she made a Christmas tree for the first time in two years. She is now expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend, Michael, who is 29 years old. The baby is due in April 2023, and she says that having the baby has given her “purpose” and a “reason to be here.”

Chloe, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and is currently unemployed, said, “I think that if my dad hadn’t come back into my life, my whole family would still be here.”

Chloe said this about her mother, Liz: “After she lost Jamie-Leigh, she fell into a deep depression.” She was there, but her mind wasn’t. I carried both my mother’s and my sister’s coffins.”

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Now that she is expecting a baby, the 23-year-old woman said, “I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have a reason to live again.” This time of year is still hard. Chloe said: “Christmas is hard, but I need to get used to living with my new family. It’s been two years since I put up a Christmas tree.

In September 2016, Chloe’s sister Jamie-Leigh came home and told her and their mother, Liz, that their dad had raped her and Sister killed herself. Jamie-father leigh’s beat her up at his apartment in Parkhead, Glasgow.

She told her mother and sister what had happened to her before she died in December of that year. Elder was sentenced for the assault, and Judge Lord Matthews called it “unthinkable” when he heard Elder’s police statement.

Why did the father rape his daughter?
Why did the father rape his daughter?

Chloe said, “I’ll never forget that.” “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think he could do something like that. We took turns taking care of her and staying up with her because she couldn’t sleep.

Elder was arrested and charged with rape, but after three months, Chloe’s aunt called to tell her that her sister had tried to kill herself.

“She called me a lot while I was at work,” she said. I went home as soon as I heard, and there were police and ambulances everywhere. I asked an officer if it was “good news or bad news,” and how he looked at me told me everything I needed to know.”

Chloe went on: “My mom found her after leaving her with a cup of tea and going out for just an hour. My mum was broken. She was sobbing hard.” Chloe helped her mom plan Jamie-funeral, leigh’s, on January 5, 2017. Social Media

Chloe said, “I didn’t see any regret in his actions or words, so Sister killed herself.” “I don’t know how it’s possible to give someone life and then hurt them that way. I know I’ll never find the solutions I need. After her daughter’s passing, Liz’s health declined and she slipped into a deep melancholy.

Chloe claimed Liz rarely left the house because her COPD, a collection of lung disorders that made breathing difficult, had worsened. On October 31, 2021, we expected the worst-case scenario to play out.

Chloe said, “I stuck my head in her room in the morning, but it was dark, so I thought she was sleeping.” When the food came, I went over to give it to her. She had grey skin and blue lips; she was as cold as ice when I touched her. When I realized she was gone, I was shocked and thought, “This can’t be happening!”

Chloe called 999, and an ambulance was there within three minutes to help her. According to the autopsy, Liz died of cardiac enlargement and coronary artery scoliosis, or, as Chloe thinks, a broken heart.

Pregnant woman's heartbreak as sister killed herself after being raped by her dad
Pregnant woman’s heartbreak as sister killed herself after being raped by her dad

Liz Craig Word’s for Her Father

My dad killed both of them.” Chloe had to plan her mother’s funeral on her own, and she said goodbye to her on Jamie-birthday, leigh’s November 19, 2021. He said, “We all wore blue because she was a huge Rangers fan and loved the color.” Chloe continued, “Since then, it’s been the worst year of my life.”

It surprised Chloe that she was pregnant with her partner, Michael’s child, because she didn’t think she could have kids. That she is pregnant has eased Chloe’s grief. Sister killed herself.

She told him, “Michael knows everything I’ve been through.” “He’s just great. I may have lost my family, but now I know why I’m still here. I have to look ahead.


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