Protests Broke Out At Chandigarh University After Videos Of 60 Girls In A Hostel Were Leaked.

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Link to the 60 Girls Suicide Video That Went Viral on Social Media Platforms Like Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and Youtube

The uproar began after a video that showed female students at a private university in Mohali having a bath inside the institution was shared online and went viral. As a means of retaliation, the students staged a demonstration on campus. Police have opened an inquiry and are currently looking for the student who is being suspected of the crime; Follow Viral Newsy

One can’t help but wonder where the accused girl was transmitting the footage of the other girls in the school taking a shower. How did you hear about the video in the first place? Who is the male student that the other student has been accused of using to secretly film and share recordings of other female students? Let’s make an effort to locate the responses to these questions.

Video of 60 Girls that became viral.

After the first report (FIR), the accused student was brought into custody, as stated by the Senior Superintendent of Police in Mohali, Vivek Soni. Even if the police currently have a sufficient amount of evidence, more has to be gathered. The Student Supervising Police Officer (SSP) further disclosed that the guilty student had earlier created and transmitted this film to a person residing in Shimla. A group of police officers in Shimla are looking for the young man who shared the footage on social media platforms. In addition, we are looking into this matter and seeking to figure out why the movies were uploaded to that location.

Twitter hosts sixty videos of young people committing suicide.

The footage of the female students having a bath was transmitted by the student being accused to a buddy living in Shimla. On several social media platforms, he distributed these videos. The outrage started when the video was shared widely on the internet.

Every single one of the female students whose videos went viral went on to earn an MBA, including those who already had one. The girl suspected of making recordings and sending them to her pal did this for a significant amount of time. On several social media platforms, he uploaded and circulated this video. An outcry was caused by a student sharing this video on social media platforms.

Reddit User Leaks Video of 60 Girls Committing Suicide

The warden of the dormitory questioned the accused student after the crime was uncovered, and the student confirmed that he had sent the recordings to a male student. The girl said that she had no prior experience with the boy in question. Even after being asked several times by the warden, the girl refused to disclose the identity of the guy or her connection to him. When asked how long she had been working on the film, the student did not even bother to answer the question. She insisted that I had made a mistake and promised she would not worry about it happening again.

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