Sameera Khan, Former Miss New Jersey: Taliban “Worried About Andrew Tate”

Who Is Sameera Khan?

The 31-year-old former Miss New Jersey, Sameera Khan, created a Twitter Space on December 31, 2022, possibly to investigate Andrew Tate’s capture by the Taliban. Tate is currently being prosecuted in Romania on charges of criminal exploitation and forcing women to engage in sexual activity.

On the final day of 2022, Sameera Khan arrived in Space, where she brokered a meeting between the Taliban and the choice oppressors of Afghanistan.

Twitter Space is a component of the micro-publishing information material to a weblog webpage that permits customers to hold reside debates on any topic of their choosing via a sound discourse board. In addition to the host and an entirely completely different audio system, viewer members can take part, and if the host grants entrance, they’ll also concentrate throughout conferences.

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Khan wrote on Twitter that she was coordinating a meeting with the Taliban to discuss Tate’s capture and that the Taliban is “worried about Andrew Tate.” She said that they considered Tate’s release in the following circumstances:

It is almost a must that it cannot yet be confirmed that the Taliban were present on Twitter.

With over 139,000 Twitter followers, Sameera Khan may be pretty dynamic in the realm of online entertainment. Netizens have criticized her for her troublesome and dubious remarks about several VIPs and notable persons.

The self-proclaimed “enemy to woke” columnist asserted the Taliban is under pressure over Tate’s detention in Romania and desires his release because women’s rights advocates persecuted Westerners. According to Khan, the Taliban have discussed updates on Tate’s capture.

In light of Khan’s Twitter Space on December 31, consumer @mrconfidentom criticized everybody who joined the world for providing the Taliban a platform.

Sameera Khan created two new Twitter Spaces on January 1, 2022, titled “Any Andrew Tate updates?” and “Chill new year space #FreeTopG.”

Due to her controversial tweets, Sameera Khan’s Twitter account has been suspended on many occasions to date. Khan issued a tweet on December 14, 2022, in response to a similar attempt by Twitter to delay her December report. She wrote she would continue protecting Tate since she was likely aware of how much it “irritates liberals to see women protecting him.”

Tate retweeted Khan and called her “Wifey”

Andrew Tate, his brother Tristan, and two women who the police believe to be their girlfriends were apprehended on December 29, 2022. They have been arrested for rape, illegal exploitation, and organized criminal activity.

On Friday, December 30, a Romanian court ordered Andrew Tate to 30 days of care.

I arrested Tate just after his high-profile Twitter dispute with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Tate, a former kickboxer who has also served as a chief dog on multiple occasions, rose to prominence in 2022. From that moment on, he has become a disruptive judge. He is notorious for his misanthropic and traditional attitudes.

Because of his opinions and questionable remarks, Andrew Tate has earned the moniker “lord of poisoned manliness.” He immediately brought up a point concerning women in which he stated that women should have a portion of the responsibility for being raped.

Khan, a former journalist for the Russian news agency RT Broadcasting, lives in Washington, D.C. It employed her at RT till October 2018. She also won Miss New Jersey, USA, in 2015 and served as Bernie Sanders’ official mission replacement in 2016.

Sameera Khan attended Rider University in New Jersey, where she took the International approach Examination and Compromise and Global Relations and Projects. Khan received his BA degree in 2014. During her time at Rider College, she was an active member of the Public MUN and a member of the School’s leftists.

I recently forced Sameera to leave her position at RT Television in 2018. This came about when she sent out an additional problematic tweet in which she defended Joseph Stalin for operating concentration camps.

Recently, Khan has contributed to News Motivation, American Envoy Tribune, and Bibi Magazine.


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