Updates Shraddha Murder Case: 4 Days Extended The Police Custody Of Aaftab Poonawalla and Told Drug Addiction

Updates on the Delhi murder case: Poonawala will stay in police custody for another four days, and Shraddha told this actor friend about Aaftab’s drug use.

Delhi-Mehrauli Murder Case Updates:

The police have asked Saket Court for permission to give Aaftab Ameen Poonawala a polygraph test because they think he is lying to them about killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walker and cutting her body into 35 pieces. Shraddha Murder Case Updates;

“Before the Narco test, the police team might do a polygraph test. If the court lets them, the police will do the test today,” The source said, “The test is likely to be done at Rohini’s Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL),” adding that the drug angle is also being looked into.

Even though a Delhi court had given permission, the narco analysis test on Poonawala had to be put off even though the steps had already been taken. He will take the pre-narco test to determine how well he is emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically. A report from the news agency PTI says that the narco analysis test will not happen if we find any of these to be off.

Arrest Poonawalla Before One Week Ago

Since they arrested Poonawala more than a week ago, police have been looking for proof that he killed Shraddha Walker. This is hard to do because they did not find the crime for almost six months.

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In court, the most important things are circumstantial evidence and forensic tests. But the murder happened six months ago, the crime scene has been cleaned up, and the police are relying primarily on the confession of the suspect, who seems “clever,” said former Delhi Police commissioner S. N. Srivastava, as quoted by news agency PTI.


Here are What’s Shraddha Murder Case Updates:

The court gives Poonawala another four days in police custody. On Tuesday, Saket court gave Aftab Poonawala another four days in police custody. At a special hearing, they brought him before the court.

Poonawala was hooked on drugs, a fellow actor says:

Imran Nazir Khan, a TV actor from Mumbai, said that Shraddha Walker’s murder case told him two years ago that they had hooked her boyfriend on drugs for almost two to three years. According to a report by ViralNewsy, Khan, who says he is Shraddha’s friend, said she asked him for help to send Poonawala to rehab.

Police will talk to the staff of a 5-star hotel. A report from Times Now days that two Delhi Police officers will speak to the team about Aftab, and one officer will investigate Vasai in Palghar. A group of Delhi Police is in Mumbai to look into the case, and they are likely to speak to the staff of the 5-star hotel where Poonawala worked as a trainee chef.

Police are looking into the drug angle. When they talked to Poonawala, they found out that he and Shraddha went to Tosh, Himachal Pradesh, on May 6 and bought “weed” there. A source said, “He had been to Tosh a few times before with his friends and bought weed because he likes it.” The police have also found digital evidence back up what he told them.

Aaftab used Shraddha’s phone number to buy a fridge. According to sources, the police also found that after he allegedly killed Shraddha, 27, he used her phone number to buy the fridge that he reportedly used to store her body parts.

Aaftab used Shraddha's phone number to buy a fridge
Aaftab used Shraddha’s phone number to buy a fridge

Aftab, 28 years old, rented a place in the Chattarpur area. The police found a few bills with different mobile phone numbers. “A bill from a moving a company from Mumbai’s Vasai to Delhi was found, as was a bill for a refrigerator that Aftab bought from the Tilak Electronics shop in Delhi,” the source said.

Monday, a lawyer asked the Delhi High Court to transfer the murder investigation of Shradha Walker from the Delhi Police to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The petitioner said that the Delhi Police didn’t seal off the crime scene and weren’t taking care of the forensic evidence correctly.

Aaftab moved his home quickly, with 35 boxes:

Aaftab moved quickly from his rental house in Vasai to Mehrauli in Delhi. Goodluck Packers and Movers, who carried his things, said 35 boxes of his items were there.

The crime team and forensics experts have carefully examined the rented house in Chattarpur where the crime occurred. Police find 13 body parts: So far, the police have found 13 body parts, most of which are bones, while searching in the Mehrauli forest area. We have taken several things from home.

The murder weapon and Walker’s bloody clothes have not yet been found, even though searches are still going on in the forests of Mehrauli and other parts of Delhi and Gurugram, as well as in the area where Walker’s body was chopped up.

The team also looked in the Maidan Garhi pond, not too far from the Mehrauli house, for Shraddha’s missing body parts.

Evidence sent For DNA analysis: Blood samples from Shraddha’s father and brother have been taken to see if the bones belong to Shraddha. It will take 15 days to get the results of the DNA tests.

A piece of new information from the investigation is that Shraddha and Aaftab moved quickly from Vasai to Delhi. Aaftab moved quickly to Delhi. In June of this year, Aftab sent a package of clothes, a fridge, and other household items to an address in Delhi for Rs 20,000. The owner of the moving company “Goodluck Packers and Movers” was questioned by the police in Delhi about this.

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Aftab’s family is missing. No one knows where Aaftab’s family members are right now. Last month, they moved from Vasai in the Palghar district to the society on Mira Road.

Injuries to Shraddha’s spine and neck: In an interview with PTI, Shraddha’s friend said that he saw medical reports of her spine and neck being hurt because of physical abuse.

Police tighten security because people from all walks of life call for Poonawala to be put to death. As a result, the police in Delhi were taking extra steps to keep him safe.


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