Sumitra Sen, a famous performer of Rabindra Sangeet, has died in Kolkata.

The legendary singer Sumitra Sen has passed away. The musician had reached the age of 89 at the time of his passing away from this world. Sen had been suffering for a considerable amount of time at this point. Her last breath was drawn in the privacy of her home in Kolkata when she passed away. Srabani Sen, her daughter and a renowned performer of Rabindra Sangeet, was the one to reveal the news on her Facebook page. Keep up with the most recent information by visiting our website.

Early in the morning, Srabani Sen logged on to her Facebook account and wrote, “Aaj Maa bhore cholen” (which translates to “Mother left us today at dawn”).

The information gathered suggests that Sen came down with a cold out of nowhere around the end of the previous month and was admitted to a private hospital on December 29 due to his symptoms. Her condition had continued to worsen. Her family had carried her home out of concern for her deteriorating health, and it was there that she passed away.

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When Sumitra Sen was admitted to the hospital for treatment, the medical staff determined that she was suffering from bronchopneumonia due to her illness. Her condition led to several difficulties, and she drew her last breath in the early morning of January 3 after experiencing many of these issues.

Srabani Sen had mentioned in a previous interview with TV9 Bengali that her mother was well past the prime of her life and was suffering from age-related illnesses. She had stated before that her mother was not in good health and that the family had brought her home after consulting several medical specialists. She said that the family had brought her home. Also, check out the Bronwin Aurora video that has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter!


On a variety of social media sites, a great number of users voiced their condolences at the loss of the legendary figure. “The well-known Rabindra Sangeet musician Indrani Sen, who was also Sumitra Sen’s mother, passed away recently. Sravani Sen is her daughter. She had 89 years under her belt when she passed away earlier this year. One person remarked, “He was admitted to the hospital for a long time owing to old age,” while another added, “The passing of Smt. Sumitra Sen is upsetting and a huge blow to the world of music.” This morning, I was informed by a third individual that Smt. Sumitra Sen, a renowned performer of Rabindra Sangeet, had passed away.


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