Suniel Shetty Exclusive controversy Film No. 323

In an interview, Suniel Shetty exclusive discusses the backlash against his film File No. 323.

  • In an interview, Suniel Shetty Exclusive discusses the debate about his film File No. 323.
  • Suniel will play the role of a prominent company’s chief financial officer.
  • In the film, he learns about all of the financial mistakes that have been made.

Soon after it was revealed that Suniel Shetty would play a prominent firm’s chartered accountant with access to all the financial irregularities occurring, the source claimed that Anurag Kashyap would play Vijay Mallya in the Karthik K-directed film File No. 323.

The film’s production said to be inspired by the financial scandals involving Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, and Vijay Mallya will go up on November 21. The producers, directors, and actors received a surprising legal letter from Mehul Choksi just days before production began.

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According to the ex-businessman, the film team was out to destroy his reputation. Suniel claimed in an interview that he was amused by the legal notifications, even though the story had gone viral. I’m playing the role of an expert on the books at a prominent chartered accounting company, so I know a thing or two about auditing. I have received a message from Mehul Choksi, but I am still determining how it got here. “The entire thought of him being defamed is laughable,” Suniel Shetty exclusively said. The creative team is using free, legally available resources.

When discussing the film and its premise, Suniel Shetty exclusive believers that it incorporates several areas of fraud with a total estimated value in the hundreds of crores. It relates to official government activity of the time. Who knows what the banks, corporations, and CEOs were thinking when they offered people who avoided loans of that size? He explained, “It’s a risky subject that touches on the lives of many.”

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Production partners Kalol Das, Mihir Mutta, Prateebha Vyas, and Parth Raval are responsible for the movie’s creation. The film, scheduled for release in 2023 and described as “placed against the backdrop of some of the worst economic crimes in India,” is slated to have a significant budget.

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