People Said She Was Drunk When Urfi Javed Tripped And Bumped Into Things

People Said She Was Drunk When Urfi Javed Tripped And Bumped Into Things

Is she Drank? Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed is unable to cope with the pressure! When people saw her stumbling and bumping into things, they muttered something like, “Drunk…” Urfi Javed has again reached to flaunt in front of the world, wearing a new dress. However, this time, she has emerged into the limelight not … Read more

Hindustani Bhau, Threatened Urfi Javed She Said Nothing To Fear From Anyone

Urfi Javed & Hindustani Bhau

Hindustani Bhau, regarding her clothing, threatens Urfi Javed, but the actress said, “I have nothing to fear from anyone.” Bigg Boss fame The well-known actress was recently the target of a threat made by Hindustani Bhau. On Bhau’s Instagram account, a video has surfaced in which I heard him saying, “Urfi Javed, who is thinking … Read more

Urfi Javed Going Viral With Her Bo*ldlness Dress, Wearing Transparent Underwear Over Jeans

Urfi Javed with Wearing Underwear over the Jeans

Urfi Javed went beyond the bounds of boorishness when he arrived at the airport wearing see-through underpants over his slacks; see the video here. Bigg Boss OTT will have Javed as a contender this season. Urfi Javed is consistently dominant across all social media platforms. The unusual things she chooses to wear have recently brought … Read more

Urfi Javed’s New Look: At The Airport, Urfi Javed Wore A Short Skirt And An Umbrella Bralette.

Urfi Javed New Look

Urfi Javed debuted her new look at the airport, sporting a beachy getup that included a bralette with an umbrella print and a short skirt. Urfi Javed At the airport, Urfi Javed was spotted wearing a beach outfit. Which consisted of an umbrella bralette paired with a short skirt. This style was captured on video. … Read more