The bo*ld video featuring Disha Patani has broken through every barrier at this point, and has even cruelly made its way into shopping malls. The film has gone viral.

Recently, Disha Patani went to the mall wearing those clothes, and a video of her doing so is currently trending on social media. Disha might be seen wearing black clothing in this video.

Disha Patani Bo*ld Look:

Dishu Patani is now promoting her new film, “Ek Villain Returns,” and she has a lot on her plate. As part of this campaign, the actress visited a shopping center not too long ago. During this time, the actress walked on stage wearing a look that left everyone speechless when they saw her for the first time. On this particular day, Disha was sporting a short and deep-necked shirt. The video of the actress wearing this outfit is gaining more and more traction on social media platforms. visit Viral Newsy for knowing top trending and viral news.

Seen in two peaks

Disha Patani, in honor of this momentous event, has drastically altered her haircut, making it extremely challenging to identify her at first sight. The actor has achieved two peaks by demanding the middle of the stage by wearing exposing clothing. His appearance has been evolving up until this point.

Dishu Patani is now promoting her new film
Dishu Patani is now promoting her new film

In this video, where Disha Patani’s haircut is getting a lot of attention from viewers, the actress’s fashion choice also drives people wild. The audience members in this video were taken aback when they caught a glimpse of the actress since her blouse was so short and bright. In addition to this, the actress is not wearing a bra with her shirt. At the same time, the top has such a deep neck that it makes her appear much more sultry and bosomy than she already was. On the stage, Disha Patani is seen wearing pants with a low waist and the shirt in question.

The release of ‘Ek Villain Returns’ is scheduled for today.

In addition to Disha Patani, ‘Ek Villain Returns’ stars John Abraham, Tara Sutaria, and Arjun Kapoor in the leading roles of their respective characters. In addition to a significant amount of action, the movie will also have some romantic tension. The premiere of this movie will take place on July 29. The director of this movie is Mohit Suri.

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