“The Way Of Water”, Avatar 2 Break Marvel Record Earns Debut $434.5 Million

Global opening of $434.5 million, “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

Even though Avatar: The Last Airbender wasn’t as big as many people thought it would be. James Cameron’s big-budget show helped “The Way Of Water” the box office this weekend. Studio estimates from a Sunday show the sequel made $134 million in the U.S. and $300.5 million in other countries. This gives it a global opening of $434.5 million.

It tied with “The Batman” for the fourth-highest domestic opening of the year. Behind “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” ($187.4 million in May), “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” ($181 million in November), and “Thor: Love and Thunder” ($144.2 million in July).

Expectations were high for “Avatar 2,” which cost more than $350 million to make and had to follow the highest-grossing film of all time (thanks in part to several re-releases) by more than a decade. Getting an exhibition business back to normal was also challenging. Which is still not the case. But everything about “Avatar 2” or The Way of Water is enormous: the Na’vi characters, the movie’s length (an impressive 3hours and 12 minutes). The technical advances, and 20th Century Studios and The Walt Disney Co.’s plan for how to get the movie out.

First Release Day, Date, and Place:

The movie came out worldwide on Wednesday and was first shown in North America on Thursday evening. “Avatar: The Way of Water” opened in the United States in 4,202 theatres with over 12,000 screens, including 400 IMAX 3D screens. The studio and the people who make movies are putting a lot of money into the fact that 3D and premium big screens will be popular and cause prices to go up.

Box Office Collection – Friday

By Friday night, “Avatar: The Way of Water” had already made $53 million in the U.S. And Canada and $180,1 million worldwide, thanks partly to a release in China. This was the first big Hollywood movie to be shown in China since “Minions: The Rise of Gru” in August. It makes a lot more money than “Avatar” did on the first day of 2009. Which was $26.7 million, but that didn’t include Thursday previews.

"The Way Of Water", Avatar 2 Break Marvel Record earns debut $434.5 million
“The Way Of Water”, Avatar 2 Break Marvel Record earns debut $434.5 million

As with many of Cameron’s big projects, like “Titanic” and the first “Avatar,” nerves were high for the expensive sequel. Which started filming five years ago and is one of the most expensive movies ever made. It kept getting pushed back, and in 2019. The Walt Disney Company tried to buy 21st Century Fox. It is also one of Cameron’s four ideas for more “Avatar” movies. The third movie shot at the same time as “The Way of Water,” is now finished and will come out in December 2024.

People like 78% of the time

Critics have mostly liked “The Way of Water,” not just for its appearance but also because the story is better than the first one. On Rotten Tomatoes, critics like it 78% of the time. Since the first movie came out 13 years ago. “Avatar” has also been making fun of because people think that the biggest movie of all time. Which has made nearly $3 billion, hasn’t impacted culture much.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” has a holiday feel that most big-budget blockbuster movies don’t have, on the whole. Next week, “Babylon” by Damien Chazelle and the family-friendly “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” come out.

People should still want to see “Avatar 2” in the coming weeks and months, just like they did with the first movie.

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