Two suspects were arrested in a Christmas Eve “Elle Edwards” shot in the head and killed.

Wallasey pub shooting: Elle Edwards

Innocent Elle Edwards was shot while out with friends at the Lighthouse Inn in Wirral, Liverpool. A man has been arrested for murder anChristmas Eved attempted murder, and it has arrested a woman for conspiracy to murder.

It has arrested a man on suspicion of murder and attempted murder after a 26-year-old beautician was shot in a pub on Christmas Eve. It described the shooting as “cold-blooded.”

I killed Elle Edwards in a pub near Liverpool just before midnight. A 30-year-old man from Tranmere was taken into custody tonight.

Merseyside Police said that a 19-year-old woman from Rock Ferry was also arrested on suspicion of planning to kill someone.

On Christmas Eve, Ms. Edwards was at the Lighthouse Inn with her sister and some friends when someone opened fire in front of the pub and shot her in the head.

The 26-year-old woman was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital but died from her injuries. She was a good person who worked at Nova Hair and Beauty Studio in Wirral.

The terrible shooting hurt four other men, and one of them, 28 years old, is still fighting for his life in the hospital.

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Police called for help to find the people who killed the man, and this evening, they made progress when they arrested two people.

The police said they had taken the two suspects into custody, where detectives will talk to them.

They have also said that they don’t think Ms. Edwards was the gunman’s target.

“We have arrested two suspects in connection with this cold-blooded shooting,” said Major Crimes Investigations Detective Superintendent Sue Coombs.

Our fully trained family liaison officers are assisting Elle’s family as they struggle to cope with their loss.

“I’m asking anyone who knows something to come in touch with us; we won’t give until the people who did this are brought to justice.”

I’m writing to appeal to anyone who may have been in the vicinity of the Lighthouse Inn during the event or who may have a mobile phone or CCTV footage of the scene to please get in touch with us as soon as possible. They might know something that might help our inquiry.” We are also reaching out to drivers and locals who may have captured relevant footage on Dashcam or CCTV and can provide it to us. The investigation relies on every scrap of evidence that can be found.”Ms. Edwards’ parents wrote a heartbreaking tribute to the beautician, calling her the “light of my life.”

People said she brought “laughs and happiness” into their lives. At the time of the shooting, she was out with her sister and friends Meg and Jess.

Wallasey pub shooting: Elle Edwards CCTV
Wallasey pub shooting: Elle Edwards CCTV

Jess told Sky News, “We went to the bar to get a drink, and all of a sudden we heard loud bangs.”

I thought, “That’s not Elle,” as soon as I heard her name. People were trying to help her while she was on the floor ” You feel helpless and like you can’t help or do anything.”

Meg said Elle’s death happened in a “flash” when she and her friends were happy and having “so much fun.”

Before shots were fired, the friends were dancing and singing. Suddenly, Elle fell to the floor.

She said: “It happened so quickly that I can’t stop thinking about it. I wish we could have done more, but we couldn’t have done anything else.”

Meg said that since her friend died, she couldn’t stop watching videos of the group singing and dancing at the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey Village, Wirral.

Elle’s sister, who lives in Dubai, was said to have left the pub earlier, and Elle’s friends said they thought that Elle should have gone home with her sister.

Jess also said she felt terrible that Elle hadn’t been with her family on Christmas Day. She said that anyone could have died that night, but it shouldn’t have been her friend Elle, whose “gorgeous soul” she praised.

Tim Edwards, Elle’s sad father, led family and friends to put more flowers at the scene in Wallasey, in the Wirral borough of Merseyside, on Christmas Day.

“To my beautiful Elle, you are the light of my life and will never be gone.”

A heart-shaped plaque with pink and green flowers said, “Special Daughter, they will remember the happiness you brought in your own special way with love every day.”

Her friends at the pub said that when they heard Ms. Edwards had been shot, they felt “numb.”

They said Tey and other locals first thought the gunfire was fireworks because it happened just before midnight.

But they said that soon things changed, and “everyone stopped on their own.”

When asked about their memories of their friend, they said, “She was so funny.” They also said, “We never went out and didn’t have a good time.”

Online, more tributes poured in. Taylor Southern, a friend, wrote on Facebook: “She was both inside and out one of the most beautiful girls in Wallasey… I hope you are shining brightly where you are.”

At a press conference, Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Sims had said that the “callous” shooting of the woman had left her family in tears.

She said, ” Elle Edwards’ family is devastated and can’t find any comfort.”

While the woman was at the bar with her loved ones, someone opened fire on her horribly and callously.

“It’s especially horrible that this happened on Christmas Eve; it shows that those responsible don’t care about people’s basic right to go about their daily lives without fear.”

She should have had her whole life ahead of her, but now her family can only think about what could have been.”

Police say that the 28-year-old man from Beechwood on the Wirral who was shot is still in critical condition on Christmas Day.

In an update on Christmas Day, the police said he was still receiving medical care.

I thought that the three other men who were hurt did not have injuries that could kill them.

Police said that in the last two days, they had sent more officers to Birkenhead, Woodchurch, and Wallasey “in direct response” to the shooting death.

As part of an ongoing “high visibility police presence” to stop crime in the area, we arrested six other people in Merseyside for things that had nothing to do with each other.

In a crackdown on the Wirral, police said they arrested six people on suspicion of driving while drunk or high or having illegal drugs on them.

Peter Rexwinkel, the community policing inspector for Wirral, said about two separate incidents, “This police operation is an ongoing disruption to target criminals in Wirral who are involved in serious and organised crime.”


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