Unexpected fact, in the Avatar sequels, which we hoped

What is the exciting point in Avatar?

Even though he’s been touting The Way of Water nonstop, James Cameron doubts the franchise’s long-term viability. He said that it might be over if the series doesn’t find an audience by the third album. After a month in theatres, however, ticket sales were brisk. In 2022, France will have the most acceptance of any country. Positive indicators for the movie’s continuation, or continuations, as the director has yet to visit every location in the film cities.

It is important to note that they have already released the third opus. It has been turned and is scheduled to produce goods again in December 2024. Without knowing the title, the director is still in the dark. Visit in confidence a new Navi community. Members of darker-skinned people. As I have yet to show the Navi, I’d like to do so now from a different perspective. To 20 Minutes, “only their good sides,” before promising that “the best is yet to come.” Come.

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Why not create “Avatar 6” and “Avatar 7”?

Then, both Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are complete scripts. Some of the fourth film’s scenes were even shot during the production of parts two and three, so its release date is entirely open. Yuletide, the year 2026. James Cameron once boasted to Hollywood Reporter, “It’s all set! On paper, from start to finish the end, assured.” We’ve completed all four scripts. We set our course in stone and intend to turn them if given a chance.

Not only that! Cameron, 68, isn’t confident she’ll still be working behind the camera in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t stop her from daydreaming. Sixth Avatar, look, there’s a new one! I can’t make any more Avatar movies; that much is obvious. An infinite amount, he agreed, given the amount of power needed for each. Even if you were the most brilliant director, you couldn’t know how to do that, so I should train someone to replace me. It seems our exploration of Pandora is not yet complete.

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