Urfi Javed Going Viral With Her Bo*ldlness Dress, Wearing Transparent Underwear Over Jeans

Urfi Javed went beyond the bounds of boorishness when he arrived at the airport wearing see-through underpants over his slacks; see the video here.

Bigg Boss OTT will have Javed as a contender this season. Urfi Javed is consistently dominant across all social media platforms. The unusual things she chooses to wear have recently brought a lot of attention to her. She is made fun of frequently due to her bizarre outfits. Despite this, she does not stop engaging in her shenanigans.

Additionally, many believe Urfi Javed is devoid of both work and skill. Because of this, she continues to go popular on social media, revealing her uninteresting clothing and physique daily. The manner in which she appeared at the airport is currently being discussed. This time, she has gone beyond what is acceptable. The garments that individuals wear below their jeans are the same ones they wear over their jeans. Follow Viral Newsy for more viral video.

Urfi by posting a video of her dressed in bizarre outfits

People are having a great time due to her peculiar sense of style. Even the well-known celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani poked fun of Urfi by posting a video of her dressed in bizarre outfits, and he did so on social media. In the statement that accompanied the video, she stated, “I do not enjoy being chilly when wearing such little things.”

By the way, Urfi Javed claims that the trolls do not care what other people think of them, regardless of what others say. She enjoys having her life go precisely how she wants it to go.

Urfi gets made fun of a lot because of how she looks. People say that these pants are made out of polythene. One person says that clothes don’t cost anything, while another says that this girl didn’t even take off her raincoat and made her pants.


Let us tell you that she was recently teased about her new look. She made a dress out of candy not too long ago. Urfi Javed posted the video on her Instagram. In the video, she breaks from her top to eat candy.

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