Urfi Javed’s New Look: At The Airport, Urfi Javed Wore A Short Skirt And An Umbrella Bralette.

Urfi Javed debuted her new look at the airport, sporting a beachy getup that included a bralette with an umbrella print and a short skirt.

Urfi Javed At the airport, Urfi Javed was spotted wearing a beach outfit. Which consisted of an umbrella bralette paired with a short skirt. This style was captured on video. And Follow Viral Newsy For Watching More Viral Video and News.

Urfi Javed, known as BOLDEST, is known for bringing something fresh and utterly distinct in each appearance. Javed was reportedly seen some time ago at the airport when her scantily clad appearance drew the attention of everyone.

Urfi was probably headed to Goa. Which is why she showed up at the airport dressed like she was going to the beach. Urfi’s outfit consists of an umbrella bralette and an inappropriately short skirt. This new appearance of Urfi is quite distinctive, and virtually everyone has something to say about it. Tell us all you can about Urfi’s arrival, please.

Urfi Javed shows up at the airport wearing a bralette in the shape of an umbrella.

Urfi Javed is seen descending from her blue vehicle and walking away. She was photographed wearing a short skirt and a bralette while holding an umbrella at the Mumbai airport. The blue bralette that Urfi wears features a pattern that resembles an umbrella and is fastened with cords. This bralette from Urfi has an exciting design that makes it appear slightly odd to look at. This bralette has two strings that may be knotted in the back to create a bow effect.

Urfi arrived at the shore to have a look at the airport.

The fact that Urfi is already dressed like she’s on the beach in Mumbai despite wearing a tiny skirt. And a bralette gives the impression that she has already gotten into the spirit of Goa. Urfi has accessorized her outfit with large goggles and also sporting high heels to complement her dress.

Additionally, Urfi has fashioned a bun out of her hair. Her team is also accompanying Urfi on this trip. Urfi requested that a video be taken of her until she went inside the terminal so that everyone could be sure that she had arrived at the airport to board the aircraft.

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